If suicide was a gift would life be a rumour?

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My title is a question posed to me the other day.I have no idea of the answer.

Jebus I need to get a life.Third journal entry in as many days.I'm not even writing them because I have anything good going on.I just feel like blogging I guess!I've just finished a thirteen hour shift at work.That was not cool!People shopping during sales are vicious!!And I have to work for twelve hours tomorrow too...there is a small sort of consolation though.I just got a new boss and I am totally attracted to her.So working long hours are made a little easier because I just like being around her(sad I know).This can go no where,she is my boss,the chances are she is straight..etc.
Even though I know it will never happen.I am sort of enjoying the crushing feeling..is that weird?Probably.I think I am just weird anyways:P

But anyways,back to getting a life!I seriously need to!My evenings have become filled with blogging and chatting to people online.I need to get back to meeting with the 3D people.Ok I am really just rambling now..so I will go.


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Urgh working. Thirteen hours

Urgh working. Thirteen hours crowd controlling sales shoppers sounds exhausting. And no it's not weird even if you know nothing can happen- it's just everyone here's so used to being miserable about crushes that it's all got skewed.

No real life for me until next Friday. Online people are stopping me going mad. But yes, 3D people are good.

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Yes the online folk most

Yes the online folk most definitly keep me sane!!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eh... little crushes are

Eh... little crushes are fun, in my opinion. As long as you don't get in too deep or worry too much or let it get to you, crushing is like the funnest thing. All the gawping and pretending and all that. =)

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