Kramer on my Mind

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I don't know... There's someone new I'm interested in and I have his number already (because it was late after getting out from movies with some friends/ other people)... My friend talked to him and she said that he said that he could tell that I like him etc etc.... I try and call him but it rings twice and then I hang up because I'm nervous... He never calls back though maybe it never rings on his phone, sometimes takes a few rings for it to actually ring

We'll thought I should edit this and post what I did... Metro a free daily paper that's all over the place they have editions here Philadelphia, New York and Boston and all over Europe and many other places. and sent him a shout out "KISS" as they call it saying

"Kramer, will you go on a date with me?
- Phil" my nickname.... I'm pretty sure he only knows me by Phil.


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Pretty brave of you, mate. Good luck.

I speak fluent redneck

Don't apologize for calling me Sir