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Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat. So. Today my dad told me that my mom was "uncomfortable with my feelings for girls." And proceeded to remind me (actually in a really nice way; I know it's a lot more my mom's viewpoint than his) that being so open and out about my sexuality could make people see and treat me differently, and could lead to total badness outside of NYC. And now I'm just feeling all annoyed at her for acting like it's this big issue for her while I've been able to accept and live with my sexuality. Not very much thanks to her. It's just really... gah. I feel like (I know this isn't completely valid, but it's still somewhat valid) that she has no right to make this an issue for her. And anyway, now I'm feeling all weird and uncertain again about people treating me differently. I'm sort of unsure of my footing. Again. Damn this. And wondering what'll happen if I have to revoke my lesbian-ness and slid back down the Kinsey Scale a little bit... argh. Stupid fucking world.

Bio regents are tomorrow. Goddamn. I think I know it all, but the questions are just so stupid, and I'm really afraid I'll totally fuck up and get like a 32%.


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I'm sorry your mom is making

I'm sorry your mom is making you feel this way... just hold on, eventually she'll come around..
Regents are like exams right?

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Ugh. Thanks. And yeah, regents are basically finals, except state-wide and designed for your average C student to do well on.

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yeah, moms can be completly

yeah, moms can be completly idiotic sometimes but usually they turn out ok in the end. I took my earth science regents today and i havet o say i think i fucked up on some things because of how how much i've been thinking about the issues i have with my mom but i doubt it really did much damage. My sister has bio tomorrow too. She thinks she's going to fail but that's only because she is really bad in that class soo... good luck!!! You'll do fine :)

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don't worry

First of all there are tons of people outside of NY that are fine with queerness. Forget about it and chill with my at the Pride parade lol.

Second of all the bio regents is just a joke of a test. Make sure your extended answers are complete but as short as possible. I never did any work and I got a 91 on that crap. Silly tests.