Noah's Arc Second Season: DVD Review

by dykehalo

Noah's Arc in a nutshell is an African-American, male version of The L-Word with less drama. Having only watched a couple episodes of the first season and not really knowing what had previously happened I found it very easy to jump right into the second season. There were a few things here and there that I didn't understand right away but understood.

Noah is a screenwriter who is finally becoming successful. Many bumps and turns make an already hard process of turning a screenplay into a movie becomes even harder when Noah's lead for the movie wants Noah to change the movie from gay to straight. Things only get worse when Noah's ex, Wade, shows up with a new boyfriend. Wade and Noah have never gotten over each other but is there too much between them to get back together?

Wade is the guy who is always there for everyone and seems to be the ideal boyfriend. He has a new boyfriend whose name is Dre. Dre is a bartender who works at the local gay club.

Chance and Eddie are married with a child from Eddie's previous relationship. Chance is a college professor/writer who works from home, watches Kenya and does much of the house work. Eddie works as an important executive. When two of his colleagues and their wives come over Chance finds out the office wives may have more to hide then people might think.

Alex is excited to finally see the love of his life Trey again but is less then enthused when Trey shows up at the door with Guy, Trey's good friend. Alex has always been rather suspicious of Guy. Everyone thinks Alex is crazy for thinking Guy has a thing for Trey because Guy is straight.

Ricky is constantly bouncing between relationships. However, after an encounter with a patient at the AIDS clinic that a couple of the characters work at, Ricky almost seems to change.

With many characters and storylines going on at the same time, many people would think Noah's Arc would be a confusing show but it isn't. It's the type of show you can watch while working on projects and partially watching it and still know what's going on. At the same time it's not so simple that if you were to just sit there and watch it you'd be bored.

There are about 2 hours of special features on the DVD which are great and are a must watch. They bring light to the characters and to things that may not have been obvious.

From earthquakes, to breakups, make-ups, making out, sex, fires and cheating the writers Rikki Beadle Blair and Patrik-Ian Polk combine comedy and drama together to create a show that will make you laugh but also seriously think about life and the world around you. Noah's Arc is not just about African-American gay men. It's about love, and life. Noah's Arc could easily be a "straight" show but wouldn't be nearly as good.


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WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Noah's Arc is the shit

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lolz I've heard of

lolz I've heard of that...

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