Preview My New Book

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So many of you took advantage of my offer to download the e-book of my first novel, Orphan's Quest, for free that I decided to go one better this time and give Oasis members the chance to download book two, Scion's Blood, before it even comes out! My early reader group has told me that they like it even better than the first book. Hopefully you'll agree. The release date isn't until November 30th, but I've got the manuscript posted in a secret location. If you want to read it, all you have to do is message me and let me know. I'll reply with a link to the pdf file. The same rules apply as last time - just let me know what you think of the book when you finish it and PLEASE do not pass the link on to others.

Now if you're new to Oasis, or just never got around to asking for the Orphan's Quest download, the free download is still available for that e-book, and you'll definitely want to read that one first. Just message me and ask for the Orphan's Quest link.

Thanks again to everyone who has given me feedback on Orphan's Quest. I genuinely value your opinions and they do impact the way I write. In fact, I made several changes to Scion's Blood based on feedback I got from you guys on OQ. Of course, I also like hearing the good stuff. You guys are a very important section of my audience, so it makes me feel good when I hear that you like what I'm doing.

Anyway, go ahead and message me for either OQ or SB. I'll be checking my inbox at least once per day. If you want your request to reach me instantly, you can email it to Those will come straight to my laptop, so you'll get a quicker response.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!