Rough night...

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Just thought I'd recap the night's events because I'm a little bit freaked out because of them...

Tonight, my friend Steffy and I, were driving back to my house after dropping my friend Kendra off. Earlier, we had planned on getting a pack of toilet paper, leaving it on her ex boyfriend's doorstep with a note that said, "We were going to TP your house, but you're not worth the effort." Mean joke, but he sort of deserved it.

Anyway, instead of turning towards the Wal-Mart, I turned on the road to get back to my house. Steffy told me, as I was turning, that we had to turn around and go to the store to get our supplies. So, I pulled into a gas station and turned around to get to the store. We drove to Wal-Mart and along the way I remember passing a guy on a motorcycle. I only remember it because he was blaring his music.

We went to Wal-Mart, got the cheapest 6 pack of toilet paper there, paid for that and a pack of cigarettes and went on our merry to deposit the toilet paper on the unlucky ex's doorstep. I saw a lot of cop cars ahead of us, so I told Steffy to get out my registration and proof of insurance out in case it was some sort of check point (which happens a lot where I live). As we got closer, we saw that the road was blocked off, except for one lane, and everything was blocked by caution tape. There were three ambulences and quite a few people gathered, staring at the wreckage of a blue car and a motorcycle. Several EMT's were huddled around someone about twenty feet from the motorcycle, which was issuing a huge amount of smoke. Steffy told me that she recognized the car, so we pulled over in the Wendy's where the crash happened.

Sure enough, there was a girl sitting on the side of the road with a few people around her, but what caught my attention was a man screaming, apparently in the middle of the EMT's. I took a look back at the motorcycle, which was still blaring its music.

At that point, I heard the man screaming for his mother. I spotted this guy I know, Rudy, and asked him what had happened. Apparently, he and his friends were hanging out at Wendy's and saw the accident happen. They called the police and ran to the man, who was wearing a helmet, but it cracked open and was strewn all over the street. He said that the girl in the blue car made a left turn to get into Wendy's, sure she could beat the motorcycle. She didn't. It ends up that Steffy knows the girl from her old high school and used to hang out with her quite a bit. Rudy then told us that the EMTs told him that it was incredibly unlikely that the man would live through the night.

Two lives, ended by a girl's stupid mistake. The girl is fine, but she will undoubtedly go to jail for vehicular manslaughter. Her life will never be the same.

I guess I'm just a bit shaken up by all that happened to night. Seeing something like that makes you think about a lot of things...


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holy crap that's scary

One little mistake and a bunch of people's lives are screwed up forever, depressing. : (

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