Some stereotyping

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I was having a conversation today with my singing teacher.I have known this girl years.I consider her a friend,as well as a teacher really.Well anyway we were chatting,and I was telling her a funny story of something that happened to me at work the other day.As part of the story I mentioned one of my managers,who is female.I don't like her,for mulitple reasons,and one of those being she seems to feel the need to constantly touch off me when she is talking to me,or walking past or whatever.
Well I mentioned this to my singing teacher,and her response left me a litlte taken aback- "oh god is she a lezzer?",is what she said with this look on her face.Part of me wanted to say I have no idea what this womans orientation is and I AM A LEZZER and don't feel the need to do that!But I didn't say that,I just said no,she does it to everyone.Boys and girls.Then the conversation moved along.
But this seems to a big generalization[sp?].People seem to think if someone is very touchy feely they must be a dyke trying to feel you up.I don't understand why this is.I honestly would never just start rubbing someones back or whatever when I am talking to them.I am the least touchy feely person ever!!

Has anyone else ever come accross this assumption-oh your gay you must just feel up every girl around you!Well i'm hoping my teacher's opinion of "lezzers" is changed when I eventually come-out to her.And if it doesn't she can just fuck off.Normally something like that would have upset me,but its just reinforced how stupid and ignorant homophobia and stereotyping is.


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a TEACHER said this? this

a TEACHER said this? this crazy school system.
That is happening at my school too. Apparently all the lesbians at my school are now hitting on all the girls. Where am I for this? I just hear about it.
Those (supposed) few are ruining it for everyone and now all the girls, hearing about this, are on the offensive.
And I have to take gym next year.

You should have said something. Because your story made me mad too. >:(
you always condemned me and your lovers condemned me
i stood speechless
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