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[I love my title for these, haha]
...Well, besides all that, school gets out next week on the 14th. God bless. On the 15th I'll be headed for Seattle to board a cruise ship to Alaska, and after that we're going to someplace on Vancouver island, then to Vancouver, then Seattle, then back down the coast and then to home. About a three week trip. The day after I get back, C leaves for her trip to Spain/Italy for 10 days. A good month without seeing eachother.

Needless to say, we're pretty bummed on it. This weekend is our last weekend to fully hang out and stuff [besides maybe going for lunch on our final half days]. Y can't come, and S is iffy, but can't stay the night. I told C and she said "Well, as much as I love [them] with my heart, I'm glad it'll be just us. We can talk." I kind of melted.

Oh God I'm so tired. With all of this messaging and trying to figure things out, I've been soldiering late nights [for week nights, anyway] and I'm starting to type completely different words then I mean to.