Toronto's Pride

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So moving on from the depressing crap I wrote yesterday. I read the Toronto Sun Newspaper like I do everyday and I was really happy to see the Toronto Pride Parade on the cover. Last week was Pride week here, on saturday they had the dyke march and on sunday the last day of pride week they had the big Pride Parade. I was reading the article about the 2 parades and now I really want to go next year, but that would mean a lot of change as in either making some friends that are also gay, bi or staight that would actually go. I hope that it happens cause looking at the photos and the news coverage of it made it look like a great place to be and just an awesome party all about showing your pride. All together watching the news about it made me feel happy and really proud of who I am and that I can't wait till I'm ready to come out of the closet and be myself.

I also was searching the internet for pride T-shirts and stuff like that and I came upon a few that I really want to get like this one black T-shirt that had pink writing on it that says "I'm the pink sheep of the family" and it had a little pink sheep on it too. Ha ha...I just really liked it, it caught my eye. There was a button that I liked too that said "You may be confused but I'm not"..I liked that one.


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I love LGBT crap you can find on the Net!

One time I found this shirt on the Internet that said:
Beware of the Lesbian

It was awesome!

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