vacation tomorrow

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C gave me a CD titled "CD for the road." She wrote me a note on the playlist saying that it was for those moments when you get comfortable/sleepy/relaxed in the passenger's seat. I don't know, I thought it was the cutest thing ever that she made a mix for my trip.

As a small little departure present I wrote some Eisley lyrics ["I cut the moon in half... and I gave the other half of the moon to you"] and drew a picture of a stick figure holding a huge half of a moon to another stick figure on a notecard. We were at my art class and as she walked out the door I ran and caught up to her [I didn't want to give it to her with people in front of us, really] and gave it to her. Then we gave one last hug before our month apart and she asked me to call her later on.

Anyway, and overview of my trip:

I'm off tomorrow for a 14 hour drive up the 5 with my mom. [I hate that freeway, until we hit Shasta and Oregon]. We will be spending the night at my aunt's [who we are also picking up] in Springfield, Oregon and then driving up to Seattle next day. From there, we leave on our cruise to Alaska. Exciting, no doubt. It lasts a week, complete with glaciers, wales, moose, excursions, and 24 hour eating opportunities.

Ah, but it does not end with an Alaskan adventure. Once back in Seattle it's just me and mom and we'll be on to Vancouver Island to stay with my other aunt for a bit, then to Vancouver itself [which I'm really looking forward to!]. And then down to Seattle! Only for a few days though, I've already been and seen the major stuff.

To top of our journey, mom and I will spend a few days along the Oregon coast and call the vacation quits and drive back down the ugly 5 towards home.

This will be beautiful.


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Oh my lord that sounds

Oh my lord that sounds amazing. Have a lovely time.