Vancouver [and C]

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Vancouver is beautiful. Actually, all of Canada is beautiful. And the aquarium with the face-rubbing sea otters that float on their backs and give themselves their own little facial. Oh, adorable. And the smiling beluga whales!

The view from this hotel is excellent:
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And at night:
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And being given a balcony, we have a nice panaromic view, which is killer. We scored on getting this room.

And as for gay people... I've seen the girls in the book store, and the guys in the mall. I've seen mostly guys though. Which is caca since I'm a gay female and so naturally would like to see something relative! haha. But I have seen a lot of pretty people up here. No complaints, really.

The shopping is wonderful here! Damn, it's not like this where I live. I found the jacket of my life and a CD store that is monumental and has now partly shaped this moment for I'm listening to my purchase [Neon Bible by Arcade Fire]. It's great to see the racks loaded with Metric, Fiest, and Broken Social Scene [awesome bands/artist] and only see a few popular American band CDs. And Canadians are proud of Feist.

And speaking of Feist, the beautiful girl who introduced me to her music: C. Well, nothings really changed since I last wrote. We haven't touched the topic of her liking me since I left. I don't want to ask questions and hound her about it. I figure she can have this time to just think about how she feels without me being there or in easy contact, you know? Might make for easier thinking.

We are keeping in touch though. Texts [which has been hard considering being on the cruise and now in Canada] and now mostly messages. Long messages. And while I can't really pick out too many particulars, it seems like there's a more-than-friends feeling to our contact. I don't know it's hard to nail down, since it's an overall feeling. I guess contributions are the numerous "I miss you's" and the general "I'm thinking of you" phrases, the fact that we write entire novels to eachother, and that she always loves hearing from me and encourages more contact.

But I don't know. It's hard to estimate. She could like me and she could not. Sure, I a lot of clues [like the all-night cuddlefest and closeness we've gained then and since and our semi-flirtacious messages] point to her liking me, but at the same time... she could not.

To be honest, I think about her a lot. A lot. Everything reminds me of her, as cheesy as it sounds. Like parks with green grass and old fashioned buildings and waterfronts; all things she'd love. And I think about her even when I'm not doing shit. Like before I'm about to sleep. Sure it's sappy as all hell. But I'm going to be frank in saying I really like this girl. Really. Biggest crush I've had yet.

Oh, boy...


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Vancouver looks beautiful.

Vancouver looks beautiful. I'm glad you're having a good holiday- C situation not withstanding. I hope the C things works out well- for both of you.

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Yes, my trip is going very

Yes, my trip is going very well. The thing with C isn't really dragging me down. When I think about her, I'm happy, and the though that she could like me back makes me just float. It's only when I think about all aspects of the situation does it start to get pessimistic.

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i bet you she does. ;-)

it just sounds that way, from what you wrote.

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I hope your intuition on it

I hope your intuition on it matches reality =]

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GOD, I LOVE that place...

vancoouver is such a cool city, and there are sooo many good mountain bike trails there...

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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you grabbed some crazy

you grabbed some crazy view....damnnnnnnn.......give me your gaydar, I seem to pass by all the gay people in vancouver without noticing! hahaha
just let things flow, when you get home both of you will find the answers.

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that's super cheesy of me.

that's extremely cheesy of me.

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Haha well I saw mostly guys,

Haha well I saw mostly guys, unforunately. Only a couple girls, that were for sure, anyway.

Cheesy or not, good advice.
Although waiting till I arrive home was uneccessary, things are going well!