When seems go gloomy...

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Is it bad to cry and feel sad?


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Don't apologize for calling me Sir

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If it were bad to cry and

If it were bad to cry and feel sad then everyone in the world is bad.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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the true question is

Is it bad to feel sad and not cry?
still art lacks the energy of dance or Film, because Film is not Still,
if you Fear It you Fear Your Own. this is truthful.
It Will Not recoil, or stiffen for You, it enunciates Directly at You.
It will Impale for Film does not Flinch

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Okae, well its just that I

Okae, well its just that I consider my self an optimistic person~ I look the glass half full. When I feel down now I cheer myself up and move on. Or I just distract myself from it and get on with life. Life then all seems pretty sweet, I stay happy, and I keep myself away from depression.

But then I started to wonder is that going against what I'm naturally meant to be feeling? Like am I supposed to feel sad?