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Well well, it's been a while! I have news, I'm out to my sister! FINALLY! She just asked me directly if I was gay after a few other questions.. and I said yeah I am. She was all like 'aaah why didn't you tell me?' (I've been very gay in the past few weeks and seeing if she would notice.)

We'd been sort of dodging around the subject for quite sometime.. it was like I thought she knew that I knew she knew. And she did know that I knew she knew. She was just waiting for me to tell her! Get that? So after she'd had a few drinks.. I guess she finally had the guts to confront me. She was totally fine with it of course (pssh why do we make it such a big deal in our heads!) It felt kinda surreal, just finally being honest to her.. but it felt good. She said she had her suspicions for a long time but wanted me to be the one to tell her. And she admitted she was jealous that everyone else knew before she did.. I explained that it was hard for me, and yeah she got it. We discussed the parental issue and both agreed that it wasn't necessary for them to know that I dig chicks at this point.

So. There we were, on the balcony, she with cigarette in one hand, vodka in the other. Me, grin on face, phone in hand excitedly texting that I'm finally out to my sister. Our little sibling bonding moment that we probably will remember and smile back on. Of course the topic quickly moved onto her and her issues.. but that was okay with me, I got my piece in this time. Later I went out to grab some food and while I was gone, her boyfriend came home and found out also. I knew he'd be fine with it, even if he is your typical straight guy.. and he was, the dude even congratulated me. Ten out of ten for me I think.


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hey :o)

yay! congrats! good for you! And yeah, it always seems harder in your mind, when you're just thinking about it, before you do it, hey? Good thing that from my (very limited) experience coming out always goes better than I'd hoped. again, good for you cuz coming out to anyone is hard but coming out to family can be especially hard. I would say you've got balls, but that's not right, so instead...You've got ovaries girl!!

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aw that's cute :) glad it

aw that's cute :) glad it went so well for you!

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Congrats that's awesome!

Congrats that's awesome! It's really hard not to think of the worst possible situation when you're trying to come out to some one. I'm glad it was the opposite!

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Hey Buddy!!

Wow Congratulations!!!That is very deadly!!I'm so happy for you:)

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That sounds like an awesome coming out experience. It seems like it usually goes over better when the coming-out-ee had already been suspecting you for awhile, since it's not such a shock to the system when you confirm it for them. I happy that she had the courage to confront you and the open-mindedness to be fine with everything. Congrats!

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*hug* that's awesome! And go her for being forward enough to ask! Congrats!