A mess of Movies and some HP talk!

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I'm really mad that my local movie theatre no longer has a 12:01am showing of Harry Potter 5. Normally they do but now the first one is at noon unless i want to go to the movie theatre that has 3 movie theatres/screens and everyone else is going to go there too so i am not because tickets are already sold out. But i'm going at 10pm on weds... with my sister, and her friends because none of my friends want to go.
I'm also pumped for the book to come out... i pre-ordered like 5 months ago. It'll be me and my sister waiting in a long line and then after we get our books we are going to the other book store where her ex (who's she's still friends with) mother is the manager so i'll be getting a bunch of free stuff... i'm pumped i'm gunna have to find my reading light or buy a new one.
I have Shock today assuming i can go because apparently (i saw on the news) that there was some big crash that closed off part of the 401 therefore even if no one died my dad will more then likely be called to it.
But i'm thinking since it was like early/late at night we'll be able to go because the game isn't until 6 although he's suppose to be picking me up in 2 hours... hopefully all goes well.
I went to see License to Wed last night. It was.. okay. i geuss i thought it'd be funnier considering it's Robin Williams who i love and wanda sykes had a minor role in it too oh how i love her.
All the movies that are suppose to be great this year haven't been that great like Evan Almighty, i liked it but you expect more from Steve Carell and Wanda Sykes..
Both were good and i love the leading female role in both - Mandie Moore and Lauren Graham... both sooo hott. I know Lauren Graham is getting older but i'm sorry she's HOTTTTTT!!
I'm excited for I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry... looks soo funny and i'm excited for Jessica Biel i love her... i grew up with the biggest crush on her when she was in 7th Heaven. I was convinced and still am that Mary (the role she played in 7th Heaven) was a lesbian.. like she wanted to play in the WNBA and she couldn't hold onto a boyfriend and at times didn't show that much intrest in them... I'm watching like all the 7th heaven episodes over again once they get all the seasons out... because from what i remember they never had a gay issue which is kinda surprising seeing as how they dealt with everything else so i'll watch them over again and find out.
Waffles are ready now so i shall go eat breakfast... have a good day everyone!