Ballad for My Almost-One

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are you going crazy
thinking through the time
we gave in
gave up
lost ourselves in rhyme

can't quit thinking about the years
[she almost took your place]
but through my tears
and all my fears
I feel your disgrace

why can't we just face the facts
we're never, never going back
and while my heart beats soddenly
these swirling thoughts just come to me

can't turn back time
can't fight the flame
can't fight ashes
of our remains

can't deny the pleasure
the memories we shared
but though we're through
my thoughts for you
leave me

and now when I sleep
I drink my tea
I think of how it came to be
the times we kissed, the moments of life
the ease of youth, the cry for strife
I can't say good-bye
I can't say no
cause every day it grows and grows
why can't you see
me standing here
and through my face
of shared disgrace
wipe away my tears?

I miss you, miss us
miss our lives enriched with trust
i mis our joy
I miss our pain
what I wouldn't give to have you back again

but we cant...turn back time
or untie knots that we burned
so why must I
though all this time
be the one who hurts?