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Yesterday drove home to me the wonderful reality of being out of Junior Chorus. I'm in musical theater camp (as you know if you read my last journal, but you probably didn't because it was random and dull and long, so I'll rehash), and was sitting in the music/singing class thing, and we were singing a song that was reasonably high, high enough to be sung in head voice and not in chest voice. I am an alto through and through, and a low one at that, and I really, really really really dislike my head voice. So, me and another alto girl, who was pissed at music director from before, for auditioning us with a really high song, said to him, "Hey, what's with all the high songs?" And then he said something to the effect of: "It's not high! It's a B at most! It's easy to belt." And then, I, awed, said, "Belt?" And he said, "Yes, you're not in chorus any more, this is musical theater camp. You should be belting everything." AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YESYESYES!!!!! *happy* I mean, I've never actually learned how to belt, and I'm always sort of afraid I'm killing my voice with it... but I still absolutely love it.

On another note, my clown might be the ringmaster. (You might have to read my previous journal to get wtf I mean by this.)

On another another note, I had a dream which included "MySpace Trends" of my band myspace (me just posting songs I recorded), where the webpage told me, "a trend is homophobia." And proceeded to show me the paltry number of gay visitors my page had. It was weird.

On another another another note, I was gonna go to the Live Earth Concert with a friend, but since I started my period this morning, am cramp-y to high hell and will be even more so tomorrow, and and coming down with a sore throat (of course, this happens while I'm at musical theater camp), I had to turn him down. I'm sad. (Oh. And apparently I get menstrual headaches now. Joyyyyy.

Aaaaaand... my report card!!! Yay!
Spanish: A+, A+ on the final
Math: A, A on final
English: They didn't give me a grade this semester. -.- wtf?
Gym: A-. My ONE A-, and it was in GYM? WTF? Fucking gym final...
Global: A, Pass w/ distinction on the final. Omg... YAY!!!
Art: A. And I'm out of that godforsaken subject forever. YESSS!!!
CPR: Pass, no duh
Bio: A+, 95 on the bio regents (I'm so disappointed)
Chorus: A+, no duh.

Yeah, I don't blame you if you didn't read that. 'Tever. Cheers!


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great report card!!! You

great report card!!! You should be really happy about all your marks.
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that happened with my report card last year.

by last year i mean the year before the year I just finished. My lowest grade all year was in Drama, where I got an A-. It's so wierd when that happens. Don't get too pissed cuz if you have to get your lowest grade in a class it's best to get it in a class like gym where it really doesn't matter. Still, it's a really good report card.

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