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I smiled, the desperation slithering through my bicuspids like muck and nuclear waste, filling my face with that stomach-turning expression of need, "Come to prom with me," I tried to keep the pleading to a minimum, "it'll be fun, I swear. It won't even be a date, just the two of us, coming as friends?"

The sadness in her eyes only shoved the knife further into my heart, until I could all but hear the sickening crack of it breaking. Answers hung in the air, all of them in the negative. We both knew it. She shook her head and watched her feet for a moment, a forlorn smile still on her lips when she looked back up at me, eyes red. ", I can't."

"Please." I begged, throat feeling like it'd been scrubbed with shards of glass, my chest closing in like a panic attack, "Please. We can make this work."

There was no answer, just her walking away, her footsteps echoing back to me in the empty corridor.


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Did this happen?

If it did I'm really sorry. Try to think of it as a chance to get someone new, someone better. If that was a story you wrote for fun then I now feel like a huge idiot. It has nice descriptions and such.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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God, that's terrible. I

God, that's terrible. I didn't take my girlfriend to my senior prom either. :(