Brent Hartinger's new video blogs

Hey there, wanted to let everyone know that Brent Hartinger and his partner Michael, the editor of, are doing video blogs on called "Two Gay Guys," where they review current TV, Broadway, movies, and books.

Fun stuff... and, in case you aren't aware, afterelton targets men, so the stuff all has a male slant. (I didn't see a similar video blog on sister site

Anyway, check them out here.


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oh, uh....afterellen has a

oh, uh....afterellen has a video blog with sarah warn and her girlfriend. they kind of cover things in pop culture that are lesbian-related. i can't recall what it's called at present, but yeah...

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I looked but didn't see it on there, someone pop up a link if they find it.


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Is the link to the female one--- it's a miz of written blogging and video blogging if there is a thing that said SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS with pictures and such on the top of a blog it's a video blog-- i'm pretty sure that's how it works.
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I watch Brent's aaand they

I watch Brent's aaand they are pretty good.
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Brent's Showing Some Skin!

The latest edition of Brent's video blog shows Brent shirtless, sitting poolside in Palm Springs. He and his partner Michael are too cute! They review my book on the video, too. Let us all remember, however, that Jeff beat them to it. He reviewed the book all the way back in January!