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I'm leaving for camp tomorrow. I'll be there for 4 weeks. I'm going to come out at camp. There will probably be some people who won't like me because of that but I'm sick and tired of living a lie. I know that sounds overdramatic, but everyone at my camp is so open that if you hide one little thing from anyone it ruins the summer. You have to go to the camp to expirience it. It's hard to explain.

I'm so excited and equaly nervous. I'll tell all of you how it goes when I get back. I'm not going to come out about my gender, this year anyways. Ok, so I won't be COMPLETLY open, but at least it's a start, it's better than nothing. I'm not out to anyone about that yet and I'm not sure if I understand it well enough to answer the questions people will probably have.

On a completly different note, I found a gay television station!!!!!!!! I had no idea that something like that even exsisted. Today I was fliping through channels, trying to find a movie to watch and I found this movie called "longtime companion" or something like that. The description said it was about the impact of AIDS in new york on gay men. I started watching it and realized from the comercials that it must be a gay TV station called logo. I went on their website and they seem to have a bunch of really good series and documentries. It's probably been posted here about a million times but I've always missed it. They have videos and such posted on their website but I couldn't watch them cuz my computer is being evil. The series that looks best is already on air in England. It's called Bad Girls, the description said it was about women in prison. Has anyone heard of it? I'll have to watch it when I get back. I have to go pack now. Good bye, I'll talk to you in a month.


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omg you had logo and you

omg you had logo and you didn't know it?
I bet you have showtime & hbo too!
I only wish I was so lucky....we don't even get discovery health anymore :'(
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