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It's been a while, hasn't it? Last time I posted was when C came home. Mostly, I've been out with friends. I started work last weekend being a hostess at a neat restaurant downtown. Not a bad job, though I don't get many hours and it's minimum wage. It basically covers my gas and that's about it. I hate being without much mad money. I have to take C on a date, damnit.

I have that all planned out: I will take her to the harbor and get the best burgers in town. Then eat the best icecream in town next door, then go get some photobooth pictures in the arcade they have there. Something casual yet kinda nice. Next week. I'll take her next week.

Anyway. We've hung out a few times since she's been back. Damn her child development class has been smothering her free time with homework she missed while on vacation. Plus, I got to spend the night over there once. We made out like all hell. And then slept in. It was nice. We wanted to nap, but she had a driving appointment and I had a chiropracter appt. [It was cute, she texed me later that day and said she wished I was there to nap, haha].

To really get down to business, C told her mom we're together. And I don't think I've touched down too much on the mom issue we've both had, though not big. I suppose I'll save for another entry, because it takes some explaining and depth.

This has been a rather vague and near pointless entry. That's what happens when you wait forever to make an entry and then forget everything you wanted to say, you know?

I got unlimited texting for mobile to mobile. Hell yes.


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Aw, I'm glad things are

Aw, I'm glad things are going so well between you and C. So cute ^.^

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Well, it's worth it for the

Well, it's worth it for the cuteness that is you and C. ^^

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