Conservapedia...the scary anti-gay wikipedia

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I heard this story first on Queerty at
I saw the site ( and it really scared me. It's creeeeepy.
It's definition of homosexuality is
"Homosexuality is an immoral sexual lifestyle between members of the same sex. It is more than simply a sexual act, it is going beyond the boundaries that God has setup for marriage; one man and one woman."

Among other things, it spends a great deal of time talking about crimes that violent pro-gay activists commit against Christians. It also lists several anti-gay biblical quotes at the top of it's page.

scary stuff

To make it worse, it LOOKS like wikipedia, which makes it seem credible at first glance.

any responses?

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OMG! Conservatists are all

OMG! Conservatists are all about hate! Oh gosh, those bastards. How are we supposed to gain equality with opposition like this? It gets me so mad thinking about it.

I really liked this part:

"In case you at Conservapedia are confused as to what we mean by “dumb fuck” (we noticed you don’t have the term your system), we’ll employ an urban dictionary definition, “a person is so incredibly stupid that it is not even funny any more”. This description, of course, should not be confused with the next entry, although they’re not mutually exclusive: “the current occupant of the White House”."

Haha, I love it!

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Well, people like this

Well, people like this actually help our cause because they use the same logic against us that Christians used against black people to justify slavery.

- One Nation, Under Darkness, with liberty and justice for white, heterosexual, rich, Christian men

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Thanks for pointing that out

Ah, so there's a good side to this. Cool :)

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I looked up Liberal and it said they were the biggest contributors to the "Gay Agenda"

Haha conservatives are so funny (in a ...hateful way)

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me too!

I love the daily show, it's the only show that I follow.

gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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Free speech doesn't have to be smart.

As for looking like Wikipedia... that doesn't really give it any authority.


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Wikipedia being wikipedia

Wikipedia being wikipedia doesn't have much authority. Let alone conservapedia.

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Sometimes I believe that

Sometimes I believe that kind of conservatists are here for the mere sake of entertainment. Luckily not all conservatists are like that, luckily.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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I can't even begin to

I can't even begin to comprehend how a person could just hate and hate like that It's like, they just look at something, decide it's gross, and then it's wrong and evil. I think asparagus is gross. But I don't think that everyone that likes asparagus is gonna burn forever in hell for it. That'd just be stupid.

I mean, I've tried looking at it from all of these different angles, and it still doesn't make sense. I just can't understand how a person could hate so much. I mean, how can a person just spend so much effort writing about how horrible some other peoples love is?

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ha ha

I don't know why but I find the asparagus thing really funny.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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I am SUCH a dirty person...

Just for the heck of it, I looked up the word "orgasm" on Conservapedia, and I got a page that said: "This page has been deleted, and protected to prevent re-creation." Then I laughed out loud.

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Same thing happened with

Same thing happened with masturbation, oral sex, and fornication.

Interestingly enough, no one has tried writing a page for blow job...

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you can edit it

I'm going to go on there and change what it says about homosexuality. Feel free to add whatever you want to my definition. This will be so much fun. Hopefully I can change a lot. :P

After I wrote this I went back to the site and it turns out that u can only edit some stuff, you can edit gender identity disorder but not homosexuality. poo :(

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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I registered on there as

I registered on there as GAYANDPROUD and shortly there after I got blocked

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I registered as

I registered as prochoicedyke. I figured that would really get under their skin.

edit:://Oh darn. I was blocked because they said I need to pick a new name. Ha took 'em only a few minutes to do it.

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Is Conservapedia really

Is Conservapedia really powered by Wikimedia?! I can't picture an enterprise as -apparently- liberal as Wikimedia (Wikipedia is the only encyclopedia that accepts all point of views by everyone) powering such a biased, full of hatred website.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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The intelligent remarks of Conservapedia:

[in the debate section] On wheter or not same-sex schooling promotes homosexuality:
yes--"...same sex schooling as one of the ways to "create" a homosexual for just the reason that was posted earlier. Humans have a basic need for sexuality, if a young heterosexual boy is placed in a place where there are no women around to release his need for a sexual relationship than he will turn to those who are around him, other boys in the same predicament."

no--"Single sex schooling, you aren't serious. If you told me that liberal teaching promotes homosexuality, I would have to say hell yes it does. Not only does it promote but encourage such thoughts. Animals do it? WTF? So it is ok for humans? Boy, America is so messed up.*** Thousands upon thousands of years, homosexuals were looked at as deranged individuals. Now, our generation is so smart, smirk. Eventually, the homosexual movement will die out without reproduction. But at the same time, we must not let our youth be indoctrinated to this evil."

Now, this next comment was just a few comments below the one above--by the same person.

"As long as these people have rights, the promotion continues. As long as they are allowed to adopt children, the indoctrination continues. Just as it survived underground since times inception from our fall into sin, it will always be with us."

"The only bigotry displayed is against the conservative view." --same person, against an accusation of conservatives being bigots.

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How sad, how very very sad.

How sad, how very very sad.

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Well, these ideas aren't new, really. Conservapedia's simply putting them into writing. But, yeah, it's still rather discouraging to see all that bullcrap in one place...sort of chips away at my faith in the human race.

I suppose we can seek consolation, though, that most of these viewpoints are at least caged into Conservapedia. That is, I'm really happy that these kinds of things aren't even allowed in Wikipedia.

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Has anyone here ever read

Has anyone here ever read "Am I Blue?" Its really good. If you want to read it don't read on. This will spoil it :(
Its about a questioning teen who's "Fairy" godfather (who chose to be a fairy godfather instead of an angel because everyone called him a fairy while he was alive) and the kid got three wishes. he only used two (one to make good coffee) the other to make all gay people blue because he though that if we were all blue people would see how many of us there were and accept it. I bet almost everyone on or who wrote that page is blue. Iv heard alot about gays who get indoctrinated into that crap and turn on other gays to prove that they are straight. :(

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