:D:D:D yay

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woooooooooooooo :D

I just got home from Miranda (big shopping centre about an hour away).
And nothing really profitable came from that.
But I DID find a hoodie that I liked.
Only its for 'boys'.
And they only had a guys Large.


On tuesdayyyy.
I'm going to Sydney for the day :D
With two of my friends...aaaand....
T :D

And Tayla (one of my friends) has told me to dress 'like a dyke'
Which was a rather inaccurate description, so she said to just dress real masculine.

So I am :D
And I told T.
And tayla said that T has to look like a dyke too.
So now T has to wear jeans.
Which is good, because much as she loves wearing dresses, I think she looks especially amazing in jeans or just casual and not really done up.
She always dresses up heaps.
Big demonia's (chunky goth-esque boots) and heaps of just random shit really. Which is really cool and whatever and alternative but meh.
I'm really nothing special dress-wise. Kinda 'emo' I guess, and I've never really been really attracted to femme girls.

Yeah, anyway, lol.
We're going to sydney.
And I'm going in skinnys (duh) and a black shirt (band or something) and a tie and a red lumberjack flanno shirt.
Ohwell. I think I look good in it. And its more comfortable.
I can never really dress how I like because people always want reasons and ask WHY I'm wearing a tie or something.
And my parents will be at work so they can't say anything when I leave =]
Win :D

This was a really pointless post. I'm just happy, lol.

Anyone wanna come say hi in sydney tomorrow? Hahaha.
I really need to meet more prospective (girl)friends.
Just friends in general actually. I've been between the same two circles for almost two years.
I should meet some new people =]
Not ditch my current friends though of course.
Ilovethem too much ^_^