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Ew, ew, ew.

My house has been having a bit of a mice problem. I've seen mice scurrying around in the basement before, but I never expected one to get in my BATHTUB. Blergity blergh blergh. Sure, it was a really tiny mouse, but come on. And you know the sad thing? I HAVE FIVE CATS. Two adults and three kittens. Shouldn't have one of the adults, at least, caught the stupid thing? Ugh. My mom picked up one of the cats and put her into the bathroom with the mouse to see if she would kill it. When I went in the bathroom to check on her, she was on one side of the tub, staring at me like, "I'm bored. Get me out of here." The mouse was on the other side of the tub and didn't even have a scratch.

I'm a cat person, I really am, but sometimes they just infuriate me.

My mom eventually got it into a container and told me to release it outside. I took it to the middle of our front yard and put it there. I wanted to put it right next to the street, so that it might possibly get run over by a car, but that would be cruel, and I don't know if I could live with myself if I did that. (Well, come on! It's a living being, too! If it became roadkill, it would be my fault! Plus, then I could get bad karma or something like that.) Anyway, I hope it eventually adapts to the wild and becomes a feral mouse, and never comes into my house again. Ugh, I hate mice.

Now I have to clean my bathtub, just in case the rodent had germs or something. You can never be too careful. I remember reading somewhere that the black plague was spread by rats with the virus all over them who snuck onto trade ships and carried the disease all over Europe. I know, I'm a complete nerd. Besides, it's highly unlikely that the mouse carried some kind of disease into my bathtub. I'm just ranting, I guess.

What is it with my bathroom, anyway? For some reason, wild animals seem to be attracted to it. I found a snake on my bathroom floor one time. It was really, really small, only about half a foot long and a centimeter wide, but I still didn't like it. I remember my grandmother was visiting at the time I found it there. She caught it into a plastic container and cooed over it, saying, "Aww, look, it's only a wittle baby," while I stared at her thinking, "Are you crazy, woman?" Now, I love nature, I really do, but I want it to STAY OUT OF MY BATHROOM from now on. Ugh, ugh, ugh.


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Oh gosh..

I freaked out whenever there was a spider on the shower wall, but a mouse in the bathtub? Scary! Did you scream? I probably would've. Lol, your cats are spoiled. When a cat that doesn't chase a mouse you know it's spoiled.

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I didn't scream. I just

I didn't scream. I just stared at it for a few seconds (like this: O.O) and then ran upstairs to wake up my mom and ask her what to do. And YES, my cats are spoiled. Everybody in my family loves them and pets on them all the time. Well, except for my dad. He hates cats. He's a dog person, for reasons which remain unknown to me... I just don't understand how anyone can like dogs more than cats. But that's just me. :D

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Lol. I love the expression.

Lol. I love the expression. Eh, I'm more of a dog person myself. I've never gotten along with cats all too well in the past. But, maybe that's only because I'm allergic to them..