First Girl Kiss!

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[Make note it occurred on 7-7-07]
I feel like I have so much to say. The past couple days seem to be a busy haze with a hovering surrealism that makes my head feel like it’s floating. Seriously, I wish I could make this sound as good as I feel.

Expect this to be long.

Vacation ended for me on the 6th. C wasn’t expecting me til late on the 7th [when I was to spend the night] so I thought I’d give her a mini surprise and just show up early on the 7th, considering I got back so terribly late on the 6th. Anyway, so I did. We shared a large hug [I felt all excited!] and went inside so she could finish something and we’d go out to her beach house.

Once there, we were super affectionate. Sure, we’ve always been huggy before, but now we were hugging and remaining close for a long period of time and holding hands and running our hands down each others backs. [The affection had been building since we decided to test the relationship waters before making it official; whenever we’d talk we’d be full of I-miss-you’s and phrases of the “I think about you a lot” kind. We were starting to talk more like a couple, basically.] One time I was looking out the window out onto the beach and I hear her get up to move and she hurries over to hug me, and explains once pulling away that I just looked cute. It was evident we both wanted to kiss and I knew the opportunity was open, but I wanted to wait until my instinct said “This is it. Kiss her.”

Night time rolled around and we ate ice cream out on the back porch while low tide set the scene along with a starry sky [cliché image, much?]. We held hands and sat close for comfort. However, it was early in the night and the old people next door were buzzing at their windows and all the houses on the row seemed to be lit. The atmosphere wasn’t right. I suggested we go back inside until it was later [not implying that it was for kissing purposes] and she agreed. Back upstairs we laid on one of the 4 beds in the room and listened to Feist and laid close, sometimes with my arm around her or the other way around. One time we were both on our stomachs and faces towards each other, and we kept locking stares, and smiling. It was the look, and I nearly melted. But I didn’t act on it just yet.

It was close to 11:30 or little before, and we were both growing sleepy, but by now the beach life was asleep and we could appreciate it more. Though she was sleepy, I encouraged her into going down and sitting on a bench-swing she had. But when she brought the cushion and blanket out for the swing I suggested we walk on the beach, given low tide. So away we went. The sand was cold, and C related it to snow while we held hands and walked by dark houses and a quiet ocean. I was comfortable, and so content in this moment. Actually, the whole night was like that, but that time enhanced the feeling. I knew what I was going to say, I had run it through my brain a couple times upstairs.

“Hey, I think we’re passed the whole ‘dating’ thing. So will you just be my girlfriend?” And it’s not like she was hesitant but her response was “Yeah, sure.” [She later apologized for the semi-hesitant response, and that she didn‘t mean to sound unsure.] “Sure? What does that mean?” “Yes.”

That moment was so fast, you know? It was a whirl of us pulling ourselves in close to each other, and our mouths coming together for the first time. Her first ever, and my first with a girl. Oh, jeez, I get serious butterflies just recalling it. The moment was such a rush. There was so much build-up leading up to this, extending all the way back from before I even knew she liked me. And this wasn’t just a simple kiss and pull back, we went in open-mouthed and it was a full-on tongue kiss. For lack of a better word: amazing.

I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better first kiss than to have made-out on a moon-soaked beach. And she was so good, for the first kiss. The first thing I said when we actually pulled back was “Seriously, you’ve never kissed before?” [mostly kidding because I know she hadn’t.] We continued to kiss for a long time, close-mouth and open. It felt like it wasn’t real. We both agreed and wondered, was this really happening? We’ve both been in this surreal world ever since. Sometimes when we kiss one of us will say “This doesn’t feel real.” “I know! what the hell?!”

We’ve been kissing so much ever since. Every chance we get. We stayed up until three that night just lying on her bed and kissing. And the next night [before she was leaving. Sad] while she was packing her mom would be in and out of the room but anytime she left C would check to see if she was gone and then run over and we would kiss. And when realizing that I had nothing for her as a departing gift, I decided to write her a letter to read on the plane. And as I wrote it in the other room, she would pass through sometimes and take the short trip to the table to kiss me, and then continue about her business. I never knew I’d love kissing so much. [Kissing a boy was never this awesome]. Seriously, I didn’t know it could be that fun and slightly addictive. And she’s such a good kisser. I melt on the inside. We’re so absorbed in each other when we kiss that it’s like we always know the next move, we’re so in-sync. It’s seriously amazing.

And here’s another wonderful moment: the day after our kiss, she had to work on homework and so I just read for summer reading and she’s sitting at a table, and I’m sitting on the couch right next to it. She reaches over and strokes my face and says “I’m sorry I was so unsure before. I’m definitely sure now.” And that was the heart of solidity I was looking/hoping for. Now we have it. Everything's out of the air and on the ground beneath our feet.

We’re each other’s girlfriend and life is beautiful.
I still feel like I have a novel on the tip of my tongue.


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Oh... My... God...


That's amazing!!! Oh my god, congratulations!!! It sounds wonderful ^^

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Thank you!!

Thank you!!

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I am so happy for you!
I remember my first kiss.. She stopped talking to me less than a week after.. I still love her, but I will cherish that kiss forever. I'm so glad your first kiss had a better ending than mine.

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Aw, I'm sorry that she

Aw, I'm sorry that she ditched you, but it least it reminds a treasured memory.

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Congrats, that must be

Congrats, that must be amazing. Why, but hearing such a happy story just made my day happier, thank you!

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Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad

Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad to hear I brought happiness to your life via my story, that's a nice feeling.

And believe me, it's beyong amazing.

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WOW!!! Amazing! I'm so happy things finally worked out. It's so wonderful! I'm SO happy for you!!!!! ^.^

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Thank you! I appreciate

Thank you! I appreciate that.
It's so exciting! Haha.

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It reminds me of something

It reminds me of something i've read in a book... soo cute.. i wish my first kiss was that good.. my first kiss was my best friend during truth or dare and we both couldn't stop laughing cuz i had no clue what i was doing..
But god you two sound cute!
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Yeah, it does seem pretty

Yeah, it does seem pretty movie-like, huh? It's always awesome when it's reality.
Haha that's cute. I was kinda awkward on my first kiss as well [it wasn't this one, but with a boy] but it's still a good memory. Sounds like yours is as well =] and that's the important part, right?

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That. Is. So. Adorable.

I got really smiley while reading that. And even got the butterflies on your behalf (because you did such a great job capturing this). Kissing is so absurdly addictive if you're mutually head over heels for each other. And it sounds like you are, which has to be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

I'm still smiley. Congratulations! :-)

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Haha I appreciate the

Haha I appreciate the congratulations, on the compliment on the image I recreated. Sounds like I did a goodjob! Always good to know my story made someone smile =]

It is a wonderful feeling.

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That's so cute! I'm glad

That's so cute! I'm glad things worked out for you, so many people have embarrassing first kiss stories.

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Haha yeah, I'm pretty

Haha yeah, I'm pretty fortunate in this one [of course, it wasn't my first kiss ever, but still... first in the relationship/with a girl].
And thank you! =]

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AHHHHHH! *melts of

*melts of cuteness
Thats so so so picturesque and sounds amazinggg =]
Congratulations XD

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Haha it was. The whole

Haha it was. The whole picturesque aspect really adds on too.
Thank you =D

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh i totally

ahhhhhhhhhhhh i totally melted just reading this!
kissing is soo addictive with the person you like so much. you can never get enough of them hehehe
congratulations!!! soooooooooo sweet *dies*

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Oh yes, melting is

Oh yes, melting is definetely a serious [yet so enjoyable] side-affect with this sort of thing. It's beautiful. And thank you!

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WOW. lucky girl. SO HAPPY

WOW. lucky girl. SO HAPPY for you. :)

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Thank you =] I appreciate

Thank you =] I appreciate that.

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thats awesome!

This made me all happy reading it.You captured your excitement and the moment!

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Haha I love that people keep

Haha I love that people keep saying my story made them happy! It's wonderful, hah.

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That is the most exciting

That is the most exciting thing. I am so excited for you; I'm melting FOR you.

It sounds sickingly cute and I absolutely love it.
Congratulations :]

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Haha it almost is!

Haha it almost is! [sickingly cute] but it's wonderful. Thank you.

I dig your icon btw. It's tight.

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Ugh I remember my first

Ugh I remember my first kiss. She was scared and about to back out and I was like "Do it now or you'll never get the chance to do it ever again" and she did but it surprised me so I jumped away and fell off the couch. So lets see--it lasted .5 seconds. Oh and the best part? A month later she told me she wasn't really gay, she just didn't want to hurt my feelings.

So mucho congrats on having a successfuly first girl kiss.



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Aw, I'm sorry to hear she

Aw, I'm sorry to hear she kind of fucked with you there. Hopefully you're next kiss will be with someone compassionate and honest about their feelings for you and the kiss will be so amazing you'll forget all about the first. Well, you know, not forget, but it will just out-weigh it in importance =]

And thank you!

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that sounds so amazing!!!! I'm so happy for both of you! :0))

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Thank you =]

Thank you =]

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Aww! So CUTE! :) I hope my first kiss is as romantic as yours was...

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Haha it is very dream-like,

Haha it is very dream-like, isn't it? I wish my very first kiss had been like this one. But believe me, this one [with the sex I actually prefer] out-weighs the other by far!

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Aww wow I'm so happy (and

Aww wow I'm so happy (and jealous) for you. I'm so glad it's working out wonderfully. She's a lucky girl.

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Yeah, it's a beautiful

Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. And thank you on the last comment. Believe me, I am too.


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wow my first girl kiss was

wow my first girl kiss was on 7-7-07 too....was a lucky night

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High five. We rule. =]]

High five. We rule.