"Gay Bash" Music Vid.

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Music video by Melange Lavonne titled "Gay Bash"

I've never been a fan of hiphop or rap, but I've taken an extreme liking to this song.

Plus, Lavonne's actually pretty attractive. Haha.

Just wanted to get this out there, I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it'd be you guys/gals.


Also, to add a bit of actual subject matter to the topic, what's your take on
1) This music video
2) The GLBT music scene - favourite artists, songs, etc

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Man, that song is amazing. This is the kind of song I've been wanting to hear for a LONG time, but never have. I-I don't know how to put what I'm feeling right now into words. I'm definitely checking out more of Melange Lavonne's songs...even though I'm not really into hip-hop or rap, either.

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1.) Aww, that made me cry :(

1.) Aww, that made me cry :( Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked it.
2.) Even though the dating thing was totally a stage act, Tatu's music (first album) had a lot of good songs that conveyed great messages of how two girls can love eachother ("All the Things She Said") and that we're gonna love no matter what ("Not Gonna Get Us").

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so sad

It was really good but really sad. The only drawback was that it was rap which I can't stand. You know it's a good song if it's rap and I still like it.

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I loved it.
I just shared it with three friends.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a surprise to find myself hiding inside!

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Wow that’s a great song.

Wow that’s a great song. I normally won’t give rap or hip hop music the time of day, but I’m glad I listened to this song. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Good lyrics, a solid beat, and the piano melody in the background was wonderful.

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Thank You

ThaThank you for the support. I can't stand rap music either, ha ha. Im being serious too, I dont blame you for not feeling rap because of the negative imagery and no-content lyrics. I actually grew up listening to Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Police, Toto, Dephe Mode. Some of my lyrics are influenced by great bands like these. Rap music now and days is sad and not worth listening to. Most people listen to the beat only anyhow. Thank you for appreciating my lyrics and message. Oh by the way, I found this site doing a google search :) pretty cool to read about positive feedback.


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didn't like the song...

..cuz it was VERY repetitive, but aside from that, I thought the video was great.

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He he, Yes. I'm almost 16

He he, Yes. I'm almost 16 years old. && I just saw that video on Logo. I came on the net so i could get the lyrics and send them to my mom. I'm very much in the closet about being a lesbian because my mom ..has told me on numerous occasions that she would never love me and kick me out. I feel this is a very in your face inspirational song and video. He he, It helped me stumble onto this. =) It is amazing isn't it?

&& I'd like to add to that first comment up there, I love your signature, Rent is Amazing ^_^

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i love that song. I normally dont like rap but i love that song XD

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