Gay debate on BBC Five Live

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This is here for all the people from the UK, I found this on another site but they may be using people from other countries as well

From (

BBC Radio Five Live ( ) is planning a special programme on coming out in the UK. Forty years after the legalisation of homosexuality how much have attitudes really changed in this country? We are looking for a young adult who has recently come out. We would like to bring our presenter to their home, and talk, not just to them but to their family and the community around them. This might include parent(s), siblings, grandparents, friends etc. If you are interested and would like more information, please email me in confidence at

You can call his office at 020 8624 9502 since he will out of his office until Thursday August 2nd

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Do you think Canadian Satelite television would pick up that channel?

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BBC Five Live is a british

BBC Five Live is a british radio station but I may call his office on monday if I can find some money since I live in the united states I will need to get a calling card

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I hope someone records it and posts it online.

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I nominated myself to speak

I nominated myself to speak on it, he replied to my email that he's going to be away until Thursday due to the flooding in northern/midland England, but he'll get back to me on Thursday/Friday. I doubt I match the criteria they want, and he also said it's in the planning stages still. It'd be awesome to be able to speak on it though, as unlikely as that is!

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