Gayest video EVER

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Okay, I'm a big fan of the Rolling Stones, and I love their music, especially this song. But honestly, isn't this video kind *snorts* I mean, was Mick Jagger on drugs or something when he was shooting this?

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ZOMG!!! I only watched the

ZOMG!!! I only watched the first 20 seconds (got to fly), but this is so freakin gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's hilarious!!!

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Those are the advantages of

Those are the advantages of being a Rolling Stone, you make the gayest video ever, and people says you are 'brilliant' 'pure genius' and stuff like that. You are anyone else, you make a video that is like 100 times less gay than that one, and you are so flamboyant it hurts. Btw, I am the Rolling Stone's #1 fan!!

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Song is from 81, so that was the year MTV launched, so a lot of bands didn't know how to tone it down for music videos yet. So, Mick is doing what he would do onstage to project to the back of a stadium... it just plays way over-the-top when the camera is right in front of you. After MTV took over, they all learned how to do more subtle performances for video.


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