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My hair is pissing me off!!! No matter what I do, it remains in my face!!! Hairties, bandanas, freaking, girly hair clips, NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate my hair!!! Well, no I don't. Only about half the time. The other half, I love it.
I wish I could have it short one day, then have it long the next. I haven't worn it long in years...long being shoulder length. I used to have it down to my waist, then chopped it all off a few years ago. I shaved my head twice (totaly dyke, I know :P), and am now growing it out. Much to the joy of my girlfriend, and much to my annoyance.
Why does it have to be so damn recalcetrant?!?! Other people's hair doesn't suddenly decide to be a mane, then stab people in the eye. Other people's hair doesn't break hair bands, or fight bandanas. Oooohhh, nooooo. But mine does.

Maybe I should just threaten it with a pair of scissors...hmmmm



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It's all about the goop...or

It's all about the goop...or the ignoring it. I find if I ignore the hair in my face, I stop noticing. xD

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i always have that

i always have that problem.ahahaha!!! my longest length was up to my neck!! trust me! sometimes i gel it to a mohawk so it wouldnt bug me that much. are you curly/wavy-haired? if so,you shouldnt cut your hair really really short (worse if you shave it. but you did.ahah) because the more it'll become unruly and disobedient.ahaha.

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