Harry Potter!!!

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i got to see it today with my friend, Lei. i loved it! OMG i swear Daniel Radcliffe is soooo EW. i was so glad that i had Emma Watson and Katie Leung to look at XD. i've been watching a lot of movies this summer...very very interesting. i've watched;

*Fantastic Four
*Evan Almighty
*Surf's Up
&&& Harry Potter

maybe that's not a lot lol. but its pretty much a lot for me. out of all the movies i liked Transformers and Harry Potter more. c'mon have you guys seen MEGAN FOX?/? sooooo HOT XD...plus she was like, getting down and dirty with cars...more hotness lol. okie i should shut up now haha.

so how's summer for everyone? i say that beside being frustrated with the bf...my summers been good. been going to the beach, watching movies and just having fun. but i kinda miss school, i can't wait to go back....i just hate that this is gonna be my last year :(

i feel like i'm lost like idk what i'm gonna do or go after high school, so i've been doing a lot of looking for colleges and starting on scholarships which i should've done a LONG time ago lol. but yeah. here are my choices for where i wanna go (thanks to collegeboard.com i have 10 choices);

*Washington State University
*Western Washington University
*Linfield College
*University of Northern Colorado
*Willamette University
*Colorado State University
*Chapman University
*CUNY; Brooklyn College
*CUNY; Staten Island
*University of Hawaii (this is if nothing else works or if i join the military and i have to stay on the island)

so yeah. idk where to go yet. it's probably WASU, WWU, UNC, or UH. i wanted to go into education (teaching english) & counseling psychology.

yups. well. uh. idk what else to say haha. ummmm...have a good day :)


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TONKS (don't know her real

TONKS (don't know her real name) IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from seeing it... loved everything but the beginning.
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OH MY...Yeah she is lol. her

OH MY...Yeah she is lol. her names Natalia Tena :)

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Have you tried

Have you tried studentsreview.com? I go there all the time every time I find a new college. I have like 13 right now...2 in Washington too! yay across the country.
It's just people complaining about their schools etc. but it tells you stuff the websites don't.
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Hey There! :D

Wow, you've seen a lot of movies. I've seen Ratatouille and Surf's Up. Ooh, me and my friends are going on a big movie night to go see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It's gonna be so fun! Everyone going is either going to be queer or just super gay friendly. I can't wait.

I can't wait for school to start either!!! ONE MORE MONTH!!! I'm so excited ^.^ This will be your senior year. Live it up, but don't let your grades slip. Having a high class rank is such a self-esteem booster. Trust me ;) And I want to see some pics of grad night! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm so excited for you!

OMG, wow. You're starting early on the college thing. I didn't start looking into colleges until September when my school had a college fair. But that's good for you! :D Look well into them, and trust your instincts when choosing which one you want to go to ;) No rush, but the sooner you apply and get accepted the better. At least that was the case for me. It helped me get a big scholarship from the school :D If there's a non-binding early decision application, go for it! Or, if you see a school that you REALLY REALLY FOR SURE want to go to, find out if they have the binding early-decision. That is you apply only to them, and if they accept you then you're going there for sure. It makes your chances of getting in better since it shows the school you're dedicated to them, but make sure it's the school you really want to go to. I applied non-binding early decision and got accepted in November and sent my agreement to go to that university in early January. AND I got the dorm I had wanted (our housing preferences and $75 deposit was the whole tying the knot thing with my college). Oh, and early decision deadlines are usually in mid-November, just to let you know. I hope the college search goes well for you.

Oh, and colleges have killer application fees :( Some range from $25-75! So if you see any college that seems a bit interesting to you and has NO application fee, go for it! That's what I did. I didn't really intend on going to Truman State University, but now I'm in love with it. Also, they're application is online (and VERY easy), which makes it all the more welcoming. You only have to write one essay, and it can be on ANY topic you like. So if you see a free one, go for it!

And when making decisions on where to go also compare prices. You don't want to be in debt forever. Some colleges are $30,000 tuition! Remember to compare tuition to the scholarship they offered you. If you're still left with tons to pay, you might want to look at another college. Not the golden rule to go by, but usually parents do tend to steer their kids towards the cheaper school XD I was once looking at a private all-girls school, which was $20,000 a year. My parents were already panicking. But, I had changed my mind and went with Truman, which is only $6,000 tuition, which my scholarship covers. That just leaves room and board (another $6,000), but that's what local scholarships and parents are for ;D

Goodluck on the college search! You seem to be going good on it so far. Keep up the pace. Oh, and if you ever need any help with your essays I'm here for you! Online or by mail I can help :)

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WOW long comment lol. but

WOW long comment lol. but thanks a lot it really helps. all i get from my friends are "why don't you come here?" and "why over there?" noone really stepped up and told me to just go for what i wanted and stuff. thanks :D
yeah i figured that if i started early i won't be too stressed later in the year plus lol...i had a dream that i went to my dorm (whatever school i was at) and i wasn't prepared for anything, i had nothing. idk it was kinda creepy, but hey at least i made it to a college haha XD

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It was kinda long. Oopsy. Your welcome :) Yeah, just remember when making the decision of where to go, make the choice purely for you. It's your life, and college is the first major decision you make on your own.

And since your friends have had their share of opinions, I'll give mine. Come to Truman! It's a VERY good school & at a great price! And I'll be there! Haha, I couldn't help myself XD

Oh gosh, wow. That'd be the scariest thing to show up to college and not be prepared :S Well, I had a dream that it was move-in day and Emily was there trying to make me jealous, my brother was chasing around weasels, and they were putting up Christmas lights. It was so weird.

Oh, don't worry. You'll get into a great college *goodluck rub* ;D

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lol. Truman doesn't sound

lol. Truman doesn't sound all that bad their Master of Arts in Education program seems pretty good. yeah i looked haha. thanks though. i'll see where i go.

*goodluck rub* to you too in starting college. :D

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Yay you looked! My job is

Yay you looked! My job is done. Haha, kidding. So, you know what major you're going into?

Oh, thanks! I'm so excited!

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uhm education. deciding

uhm education. deciding whether elem or secondary. & counseling psychology lol. since most of my friends come to me for advice and to listen to them i might as well try and see if being a counselor would be somethign worth going into.

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So either a teacher or a

So either a teacher or a school counselor? Wow, busy, busy. I have been considering being a science teacher, but I don't think I can handle kids. Lol.

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lol. i lovee' kids. up to a

lol. i lovee' kids. up to a certain point XD....i'm gonna be a TA nxt year so i'm gonna see what it's like to be in front of the class and stuff. hopefully i can handle it.

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