Helpp :| Girl tuxedos?

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Okay so, I've decided.
I'm either going to wear a tux (or similar) to my formal in December, or just not go at all.
I refuse to attend in a dress.
And I think it's utterly stupid that we're not allowed to bring girls, regardless of whether they're friends/girlfriends/sisters/whatever!

So, to the help part.
How does one go about finding a tuxedo that would look alright on a girl?
I've got a fairly boyish figure, and I'm not really curvaceous, so perhaps I could pull of a mens one, but yeah.

Any ideas? Tips? Advice in general?
This is working out to be more difficult than I thought.
Eeep. Haha.


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Make sure you get fitted well.

And you should be fine. Good luck!

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Well, I wore a tux to my

Well, I wore a tux to my senior prom last year and people were really good about it. Those who liked it said so, and those who didn't, kept their mouths shut. But then again I do live in California, so I suppose it depends on where you are and all.

But just have a look around and like Inkblot said, make sure you get fitted well.

Good luck!

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My input

I wore a "tuxedo" to my end of year swimming banquet. Instead of getting fitted and everything, I borrowed my sister's tuxedo shirt she had for choir and bought a tuxedo vest. The rest wasn't technically a real tuxedo, but I was being cheap. I just used some nice, yet more feminine black pants and jacket that I already had. Really it depends on how much time and money you're willing to spend, getting a tuxedo fitted well or just throwing stuff together and calling it a tux.

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Why not just go to a tuxedo rental store soon and ask them what would be best? So if you need to supply the shirt, but they do the jacket, pants and other stuff, you'll be ready to proceed when it's time.


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Go to J.C.Penny's they have gray, and black plain or pinstripe. I have a light gray pinstripe sui and one of my friends said if i grew my hair out I would look like Ellen :D

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