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My mom wanted me to repaint my room, so I did. I've been doing that for the past couple of days now. I am so covered in paint it's not even funny. >.< It's a good thing I'm almost done.

My room looks nice now, though. It's green and blue, two of my favorite colors. :) Today I was repainting the inside of my closet, and I thought, "Woah. I'm gay and literally in the closet." Haha. Okay, it's a bad joke, I know, but isn't it weird?


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lol I thought it was funny

lol I thought it was funny (maybe it's just because I'm tired...) To get the paint off take a shower and then after try to peel all the paint off. Good luck! haha I painted my room 2 days ago and I still have paint on me.

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Maybe it's just me...

But I just feel you shoulda painted the inside of your closet rainbow. Just, you know, to stick it to the man. And fight the system. Or whatever. My words ain't working so good now......

In other news, you painted your own room! Congratulations, you're a handidyke now!

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W00t! I'm a handidyke!

W00t! I'm a handidyke! :D

Yeah, I should totally paint the inside of my closet rainbow. That would be awesome.

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT