I hate hardcore dancing

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Well, maybe I don't hate it, I just hate when I'm a victim of it. Watching it's kind of amusing because it's a silly form of dancing that you have to wonder "this is what they decided would be good to do with their energy?" But tonight Y and I went to see A Skylit Drive and Dance Gavin Dance-- who didn't play-- and other hardcore-ish bands [really not my kind of music] and while A Skylit Drive was playing the biggest douche bag in the world let his true self shine through.

There's not very many people near the stage, maybe only two people in front of me from the stage, and there's a big circle directly behind me for hardcore moshers [few at a time, flailing their arms] and this dick of a guy and his friend decide it's cute to jump up onto people's shoulders to hoist themselves closer to the lead singer/stage. I was one of the victims, with my sunburn and everything. Both hands on my shoulders leaning full on my back. Dude, I'm a girl! Have some respect. Just in general have some respect. Ugh. I was raging.

And there was another hardcore dancer who was flailing his arms and he accidentally clobbered me all on the back [oh ouch, my burnt as hell back], but I'm not mad at him because you almost have to anticipate some crazy little scene kid waving his fists around and running into people.

Ah, my night ladies and gentleman.
Btw, all the bands pretty much sounded the same. There was one that used to suck back in the day but now has a lot of different members and a really solid sound. I don't like that music, but these guys knew what was up. Aventine, was the name I think.

Ok, it's late.