I...have no idea what the title should be

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I'm feeling random. I just...i dunno. I think I'm gonna go write in my journal for a bit.

Is that odd? I can't keep a journal like most people do; I have to write letters to someone. For now, I'm writing to my girlfriend. I've handwritten about 65 pages to her in this notebook...and that's just been in the past month, or so. Before that, I've written about 150...but she has both notebooks, so yeah.

I'm in an odd mood. I have blueberry pie, which is yummy, but I can't stop thinking about...nothing in particular. I really need to get a life. Or at least a job. Lazing about at home all day isn't doing me any favors.

So yeah, that's my mindnumbingly boring, random little journal entry of the day. I think I need to go dunk my head in a bucket of cold water and wake myself up.