I have to shave

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My mom and dad want me to shave my legs. They've made it clear that it's not a choice whether to do so or not, at least not with them. I tried to pay my mom back for the razor she bought me, and she told me she didn't want my money. She told me that my not shaving my legs affects her as a parent, because people walk up to her and say, "Look, I noticed utter_insanity doesn't shave her legs. Didn't you teach her how to use deodorant and shave and stuff?" She cares about their opinions, she admitted so, and she wants me to shave.

She also called my dad at work and he explained to me about how shaving your legs is something women have to do, and that there are things that men and women have to do when it comes to their personal appearance. Men shave their facial hair, after all. I'm a girl. I have to shave. Why do I not want to shave my legs? Am I going to be growing a moustache and beard next?

The thing is, my dad's logical. He's probably the one I inherited my knack to use logical arguments from. When I told him that I hated shaving because it annoys me and it seems like a waste of my time, he pointed out that shaving probably takes about 5-10 minutes, and that's only if I'm doing a good job. He said that I could probably do a half-assed job in 2-3 minutes, and my legs would look fine.

I know I should have said that I hate shaving because I don't like changing the way my body naturally is. Women grow body hair. It's natural. But it wouldn't have done any good, anyways. He would have probably countered that with, "Well, it's natural for men to have long, hairy beards like cavemen, but do you ever see a guy walking around with one?"

I guess I'm glad that my dad was honest with me and said that it's not a matter of "personal hygiene" or whatever. He said that it was about personal appearance. I appreciate the honesty, even if I don't like what he said.

He said that when I'm eighteen and out of the house, if I say "Screw this!" and stop shaving, there's nothing they can do about it. But until then, I have to shave.

Apparently, since I have really dark hair on my legs, I have to shave. My mom says so. But my younger sister, who's a year and a half younger than me and has hairy legs, doesn't have to, because her hair is lighter and doesn't show up easily.

I think I'm probably going to have to just shave. I can't keep fighting them forever. They think they're doing what's best for me. I guess I can't fault them for that. But I HATE this! I hate giving in to them! I don't like giving in to ANYONE when they're telling me what to do with my own body! I don't want them to do this! I don't want to do it!

But they're my parents. What can I do about it? They're adamant. They will NOT change their minds. It's damn obvious.

I don't want to give up. I keep thinking there's gotta be some other way, but then it turns out I can't think of anything.

Tomorrow I'm going back to school already, which sucks. My school has a modified year-round calendar, and hence my summer break is really short. But the good thing is, after nine weeks of going to school, everybody at my school always gets a two week vacation. It's really nice, and it almost makes up for the short summer vacation.

I'm going to wear long jeans tomorrow at school and not shave. I need some time to get used to the fact that I'm probably going to give in to my parents. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! This sucks. This really, really sucks.


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your parents are fucked it's

your parents are fucked
it's your fucking choice
they aren't thier legs...

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Argh, I'm sorry, that is t3h suckz0rz. Stupid parents. -_-;;

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being helpless royally

being helpless royally sucks, don't it? and there ain't nothing to do about it, other than to give in gracefully, and only shave once a week. shove it back in their faces. say 'you wanted me to shave? well, i'm shaving.' rebell with what they leave you. if you're comfortable with it, wear really short shorts (actually, don't do this, but it would be funny), and shave your legs, and when they protest the skimply clothes, say "well, you wanted me to shave, and I figure, if i'm gonna do it, i might as well show off." That'd be funny.

And just so you don't think you're totally alone, a ton of girls don't shave their legs. it's not unattractive to a lot of girls, either. they know how much of a pain it is. it's just American BS that makes us think that women have to get rid of all their body hair to look pretty.

Save your strength for another fight.

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Can't you tell them you agree with them, and that shaving your legs will make the tattoos easier to see?


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Niiiiiiice!! I agree with Jeff on this one.

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
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Soe men don't shave their

Soe men don't shave their faces so that point kinda sucks. And alot of women don't shave their legs-- i don't most times. I also ave dark hair on my legs so it's noticable but i find if you shave them like 1 or 2 times a month really good tat's all you have to do a month or like when your in the shower just quickly not even with shaving cream quickly run the razor up the fron or mst noticable parts of your leg it's pretty easy.

i like the idea of skimpy clothes.

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I won't say your parents are

I won't say your parents are fucked up, because I guess that -for their generation- not shaving it's just not an option. Just wait until you are 18 and they won't have anything to do about shaving.

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If I were you, my parents

If I were you, my parents going after me ceaselessly like that would make me not want to even more.
You're mom's logic is horrible. Tell her to mind her own business and not listen to other peoples' opinions! Tell her she should defend her own daughter!
And I would HATE my dad telling me "what women do"...good god
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On the opposite end of the

On the opposite end of the scale when I was younger about 13,14 I wanted to start shaving my legs and plucking my eyebrows and all that stuff and my mother refused to allow it.I used to have to shave my legs in secret and try to hide it from her.Though I had to wear a skirt to school every day so this was considerably difficult.When she found out she was really angry,but she got over it.
I don't really know what advice to give you really,just thought i'd drop by to say I sympathise with the situation!

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Yeah, my mum was really disappointed with me when I started shaving my legs- even though she shaves hers. Because she thought it was a waste of time and that once you start you have to carry on forever. She thought I was yeilding to peer pressure- which I was, but I don't regret it.