I Miss You by Anna Gil

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This is a poem I just read in a magazine called The Know. It's really cool. The poem is wonderful...beautiful and heart breaking.

I Miss You

I miss you
You were everything to me,
My pride and joy.

Everyday I wake up thinking about you.
You were a part of me
Which I can't live without
I feel empty now,
Now that you're gone.

Why did you kill yourself??
Why did you let your step-dad control you??
You're dumb!!
You shouldn't have!

It hurts not having you with me.
You meant everything to me,
And you still do.
I'm not the same without you.

I try to be happy
But it's hard knowing
I'll never see you again.
I'll never see your face, smile,
Or hear your voice.

I can barely get out of bed
I wake up in the middle of the night, crying,
Because you're gone.
I miss you.
I thought I wouldn't love anyone
Like I loved you.
You're the one that changed my life.

They blame me for your death.
Because they can't admit,
That they were ashamed.
Ashamed that you were GAY!!!!

Rest in Peace
Alysha Marisol Gonzolez
We love you and miss you.


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God, that is beautiful, and

God, that is beautiful, and sad. I think I would've liked it better as prose though...

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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I reject any poem where the last word is gay, let alone with caps and four bangs. 12 Years of it, can't take any more. :-)


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Im the person that wrote this poem! Im glad u liked it. Its a true story! Theres an article thats comeing out soon on are 6 issue of the know, talking about her story. Ill be p0sting it up,soon...