i SCREWED up...

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...big time!

so yeah. yesterday my so-called "brother" (a guy friend who calls me sister) called me up asking if i wanted to go to a party and so i was kinda hesitant, but i decided to go 'cause i wasn't doing anything and one of his friends was gonna be the only girl and i felt kinda protective, so i told him i'd go. me thinking that it was gonna be a BIG party felt so irritated when i found out that it was only gonna be me, chad (bro), his friend mary, his friend carl, and mary's friend jason.

i was like...ah okie. so we ended up going to Cromwells, which is a beach that is kinda secluded and we were drinking over there. so we walked kinda far to get away from some people that were hanging out. we started drinking and we all got fucking buzzed in the beginning. me and the girl went swimming for awhile then we decided that we wanted to go get another drink. so we got another drink and i was ready to go back in the water, but the girl ended up making out with the driver, who was carl. so i left them and chad came with me to go swim. i felt a little whoozy and decided that i wanted to go back 'cause i didn't want to end up drowning 'cause i was practically drunk already. so we head back and find out that carl and mary are seriously fucking having sex in front of us.

so it was me, chad, and jason left drinking on the side watching them. (yeah i know weird. stupid too 'cause we didn't stop it but they seemed to be enjoying it). we continued drinking. me in the middle of the two boys. chad's on my right telling me that he wanted to ask me out and that he likes me and blah blah blah. then here's jason tell us that he loves us and they're both leaning on me. next thing i know chad went to go check on mary and bam. jason is kissing me and we start making out. yup. then i guess you already know what happened next. we end up having sex. fuck fuck fuck. i blanked out some of the time and then i said stop. & i'm glad that chad heard me 'cause he had carl take jason off of me and after that i kinda blanked out again.

so yeah. after that we all end up getting to the car in out own ways. carl was helping me walk & then him and chad carried mary who was out cold. they got our clothes on and stuff. i'm just glad that i got to my friend's house in time. 'cause i told my dad them that i was sleeping over her house, so yeah. i got there at like 5 in the morning.

it's funny how everytime i drink. i remember like everything that happened except for the times i blanked out but i remember everything. i'm scared. i'm mad. i'm tired. i'm nauseated. fuck. chad is going to go get me the pill and i'm gonna end up buying a pregnancy test soon. it's better to be safe than sorry. i don't want to be pregnant. fuck. i feel like shit.

but i can't do anything 'cause shit happens. it was my decision to go and to drink. things just happen.


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Should get the morning after pill, no?


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