If you were a little girl turning 8 and already had all the dolls you could ever want what would you want???

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Ok so my title asks one of my questions and leads to my rant.
My dad's gf has 3 kids Kayla, Ryan and Mitchell. Mikayla is turning 8 on thursday.. My dad forgot it was her birthday and yesterday we were over in the states looking around for a present and we can't seem to find anything like she has a ton of little baby dolls and a ton of barbies and she doesn't really play with barbies anymore but she has tons of accessories (sp?) for both.
RANT #1 at everystore my dad was said many variations of this "I'm going to look at the toy cars (because he collects them for models for work and for his train model) you can go look at the dolls"
And i would reply with a "why do i have to look for dolls?"
"Because you're a girl"
ARGH!!! Just because i'm a girl and i once played with dolls doesn't mean i know what an 8 yr old now a days would want.. i was 8, 8 years ago!!!!
I hate those roles that boys are cars and girls are dolls !!!!!!!! ARGH
But what would you guys get an 8 year old??? i have no clue what to get her? I'm thinking a Nintendo DS game. Her mom, my dad and i are all getting her a watch (even though it was only like 15 bucks it's gunna be from all of us). And then the present i'm looking for tomorrow will be just from me and my dad.
If you guys have little sisters go ask them now.


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Lol...the states. That sounds so weird.

Um..well I 'd ask my sister but she'd say something stupid or would expect a gift from me soon (sorry). My sis would probably say pokemon, bratz, and make-up. Um...try some awesome stuffed animals? Maybe those FurReal friends. They're kitties and doggies that move and act like real animals. I think they're $15-$20 (I could be wrong though). A DS would be awesome though.

I think your dad is just embarrassed to be seen looking at dolls. Lol.

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yes.. the states thats what

yes.. the states thats what the canadians in my region call detroit.. we say we are going state side.
Yeh i'm thinking of a game for her ds... and BRATZ are whores.. i'm sorry but they are i'm like what are we teaching the little children.. yes when i played with barbies they were dressed like whores that's cuz i made the whorey outfits my self or altered the ones that came with them. And yes my barbies did get in several compromising positions.....
But stuffed animals sounds good too.. i should just go into my room at my dad's and get one of my old ones. at last count i had 150 or something and that was when i was 12... i loved stuffed animals now i have boxes and boxes and i won't get rid of any of them because they are all speciall.. if i don't remember it's name it can get sold.. but i remember all the names.
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my 2¢

noooo no video games!!! >_<
Get her a telescope. That's what I got.
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In our area there are no

In our area there are no stars tooo much smog and crap in the air... it sucks cuz i love stars but that is a good idea.. she could spy on people ... ~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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You could get her a kids CD.

You could get her a kids CD. You know like disney channel music or something... lol I'm sorry I'm the youngest so I never had to shop for someone younger than me.

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get her a gift card to a toy

get her a gift card to a toy store
or get her one of those little puppies that come in a purse

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I like the little puppies

I like the little puppies that come in a purse!! they're so so cute!haha! Eventhough I'm turning legal in a month's time, i still like them!!haha! but i think 8-year old kids wont like them a lot nowadays; maybe toddlers still would, but not 8-year olds. if i were you, i would give her a pack of undies (haha) to signify that she's older now and has to take responsibility already.hahaha. though i cannot make a sensible connection between the undies and turning 8.

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Well, I have a five-year-old sister, and she's obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake. I don't know if you've heard of that, but it's a series of movies that are all about friendship and adventures. Personally, I think they're boring movies, but then again, I'm not five years old. I think an eight-year-old would enjoy those movies too, though. They teach a lot of good messages, too, about accepting people's differences, not cheating on tests or while playing games, and things like that. (How do I know all this? My little sister makes me watch them with her. Ugh.)

The characters in the movies are all named after food. The main character's name is Strawberry Shortcake, her little sister's name is Apple Dumplin', and she has a cat named Custard and a dog named Pupcake. Strawberry has a bunch of other friends, some of which are named Huckleberry Pie, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake, Peppermint Fizz, and Rainbow Sherbet. They all have adventures together in the land of Strawberryland, and travel to a bunch of other places, too. It's a pretty crazy show, I guess, but my sister loves it, so who knows? Yours might, too.

Anyways, you could get her one of those movies. I'd suggest getting her Meet Strawberry Shortcake if she hasn't seen any of the movies yet, because that's the first movie in the series and it's usually best to start at the beginning. If she has seen some of the movies, though, you can still get her one of them she hasn't seen, because there are, like, twenty of them out there or something. They're that popular.

Wow, that was kind of long. o.O Anyways, thanks for reading.

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Yeh i watched one the movies

Yeh i watched one the movies with her... i don't remember if she likes it.. i know she has two but that's still a good idea.. i don't like strawberry shortcake either kinda boring but hey im not 8. or 5
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