I'm back from the beach!

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The title says it all. Miss me? :)

I love the beach. The ocean, girls in bikinis, feeling sand between my toes, girls in bikinis... It's nice. :D I forgot to put sunscreen on, though, and I got one whopper of a sunburn. Blergh. I looked like a bright red Harry Potter. (My sister says I look like Harry Potter now because I just got a short haircut and I have glasses. It's actually true, I think. It's pretty bizarre.) I'm still recovering from the stupid sunburn. Aaaargh. What a lovely souvenir...


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I missed you!

Lol. Now you're a red Harry Potter? Ooh, everyone's gonna love you with the movie and book coming out.

How about that artwork?

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Of course they're going to

Of course they're going to love me! I mean, everyone loves me all the time, of course, considering I'm awesome and all, but the book and movie coming out is giong to make me even awesomer! :D

Wow, that was weird...

And about the artwork: I've redone Kassandra and Libitina, and I'm almost done with Kelly, too! Yay! I'll be posting the edited drawings soon, as soon as I get to a scanner.

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT