I'm not shaving, I'm not shaving, LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!!

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I haven't shaved yet, like my parents ordered me to. I've been wearing long pants all of the time, though, so they can't tell. I'm playing a little game. I'm going to see how long I can go without shaving. I have a bit of a stubborn streak, and I refuse to shave. My razor is my enemy now. I haven't even touched it for the past few days.

Sooo...my first day of school (which was yesterday) was alright. Today, though, kind of sucked. I really don't feel like talking about it, so... *shrugs*

Bye-bye! Everyone have fun in Oasis-land! ^_^

Wow, that was weird... >.<


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Woot! *highfives the insane

Woot! *highfives the insane one* U go grrl. Rebell!

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stay queer and rebel!! (that's a slogan from a demonstration I went to recently)

I just read all your older posts on this subject.

I so had to laugh about this "You should go to Europe" argument of your mom! Yes, I agree, come to Europe! I'll welcome you with a with a hymn for all the great unshaved women :-)

though I don't think that Europe (at least those parts which I know) is very much different from the US in this respect. I've never shaved my legs, and for years I was always the only girl or woman! Just recently I have known many cool women who are able to resist peer pressure too, so its cool to realize that I'm not alone.

good luck, and lots of solidarity!

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Why did they order you to shave? Hooray for the rebellious queers like us!

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what the hell? you start

what the hell? you start school in july?

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Yeah...my school's got what

Yeah...my school's got what you call a "modified year-round calendar." I only have two months of summer vacation. But the good thing is, after nine weeks of going to school, everybody at my school gets a two-week break from school, and that's nice. My school schedule is so weird. >.<

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If you don't want to shave,

If you don't want to shave, you shouldn't have to. I shave because I feel weird if I don't. lol. (It's one of the few girly things I do. lol.) But if you don't want to shave, power to ya! :D

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Two months for summer? My, I

Two months for summer? My, I am so jealous!
Keep up the revolution!!!! *high fives*

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My school tried that year

My school tried that year round thing. I prefer it over the normal schedule. Anyway, yay for you!