I'm really on the edge, now

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Have you ever been addicted to something so that when it was pulled from you, you didn't mind because you knew it was for the best? Well, that's what happened to my TV today.
I finally finished my film, "The Dreams of the Feverish" today, and while trying to drag in the VHS/DVD player into my room and connect and disconnect the appropriate cables, my satellite box fell. Yes it did. And all for nothing, because all I wanted to do was record my movie from VHS to DVD and it couldn't even do that. And when my movie was playing, it was a bad picture anyway. So much for new DVD players.
Anyway, that's what filmmaking makes one sacrifice. My TV, my health, my sanity.
Before, I couldn't go a night without TV. But now I guess I have to. And they're pulling down the ceiling for reconstruction finally in the living room so that TV is off limits. Not like I'd like very much to sit in there until 4AM and THEN slither into my room in the dark. I guess I am going to read my book then.
I thought, TV had too much of a hold on me anyway. I remember the old days when I didn't have my TV, or it was on the floor across the room, and I read instead.
I am now reading Pagan Babies. It's getting pretty good, which isn't something I can say of most books. Fiction or otherwise.

I know I hated 11th grade, but I can't wait to go back to school anyway. It will be my last first day of school! I can't believe it. Oh well I will be sick of it by the last day anyway.

Oh yeah,, and I also lost the cable that connected my tape recorder to my computer. It's back to analog!


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I kinda feel your pain. We

I kinda feel your pain. We have DVR (it's kinda like Tivo if you don't know what it is) and it somehow broke and we can't pause, rewind, or even access or recorded stuff. It sucks because the things I like to watch air whenever I'm not in the mood for tv. It's been so boring without my stuff. Though, your situation is worse since you have no tv at all.

Isn't kinda funny missing school, but then once we start we hate it. Haha. At least, that's the case for me.

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That happens to me pretty

That happens to me pretty much every time I go to camp during the summer. No internets or devices or TV. The only addiction that I lose that I don't see why it's good is caffine addictions. I woke up with a splitting headache every day for a month. *dies*

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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*dies thinking about

*dies thinking about it*
That's the worst. A day without caffeine is nightmarish.
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