I'm the sun's apprentice

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I'm on fire. I'm sunburned over 80% of my body. Oh, the pain. You can imagine. This better equal out to a good tan because if I have to take cold showers and get skincancer for nothing, I tell you I'll be pissed.

So mom and I went to the beach today. I read "Angela's Ashes" which is one of my books for summer reading for AP english. Far better than the stupid fucking "Invisible Man." Omg I hate that book to no end, but I'm so far into it that I just have to finish it at this point. Two hours was spent at the beach. No sunscreen except for the face. Oh god...

C called me yesterday! All the way from Paris. We only talked for a few minutes due to high rates per minute, but I still loved hearing from her. She told me about a dream she had on the plane where she was kissing me, and woke up with her mouth open. Good dream, I said. She's also able to e-mail me, or at least she has in the past two days. [Probably because she has to keep up with an online college course.] I miss her quite terribly.

I've been very busy lately, with hanging out with friends [mostly Y] everyday [actually Y everyday, but others have been thrown in the mix] and reading and doing chores in the mornings. Whew, I have full days. I think tomorrow is slightly leisurely, since I'm restricted with this gnarly as all hell sunburn [I'm not sure how big of an exhaggeration that even is], and I'm just going to a hardcore show with Y [haha hardcore. Whatever, Y likes it and I'll go because going to shows can be enjoyable.]

Life has been good lately. That one wierd day when I saw Incubus was the only downer, and I'm glad. Oh, btw, the concert was ok... bad seats, and the set list was short, and the encore wasn't very climactic, but they're a great live band and I love them. Plus I got a badass shirt.


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Sunburned? that hurts like

Sunburned? that hurts like hell. A little piece of advice, acquired after years of turning tomato-red because of the sun: those stupid little green aloe vera or whatever creams can stop pain for some time, and they are the only ones. I hope you enjoy Angela's Ashes, it is a great book, while the Invisible Man, I'd rather not comment because I might end up throwing up in my keyboard.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Ah, our judgement on that

Ah, our judgement on that damn book is equivalent.
The aloe is completely absent from our house. We found "Solarcane" which is lotion for sunburn but it really didn't do shit. It temporarily relieved pain until I laid down. Haha, worst sunburn of my life.

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Sunburn is shitty. Luckily,

Sunburn is shitty. Luckily, I only have to suffer a minor burn in the summer before my skin adjusts and I tan like hell (Thank you, Mexican heritage)

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PARIS!! Tell her to bring an

PARIS!! Tell her to bring an accent back with her.
I know about bad books. Everything we read in my English classes are bad. Not like having to listen to everyone's slow monotonous reading anti-skillz makes it any better.
the anti-philosophy of spontaneous acrobatics / tristan tzara

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That would be so hot if she

That would be so hot if she came back with a French accent.

Oo, at least we have to read outside of class, listening to others would really suck. Especially the Invisible goddamn Man.