Just got home...

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So I just got home from camp. I feel kind of in a rut. I mean... I just feel so blah. I got to know a lot of friends better, and the ones who live in my city have promised to get me wasted ASAP, so there's that to look forward to/hold my interest.

Also, they tell me that my brand spankin' new prescription for Adderall is actually worth quite a bit on the street. I'm interested.

In addition to that, they have several friends to possibly set me up with. I'm thinking YES PLEASE.

Do I want to turn into a bad kid? Yes, probably. It'll get me out of this rut. Try new things. Meet new people. Etc. I'm just bored with my life right now.

Bad idea or good idea?


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Personally I think it's fine

Personally I think it's fine to try new things and experience different stuff, so go for it if you want, just make sure you've got self control.
Its fun and exhilaratingly and exciting, but alot of people take it too far too fast, so yeah be careful! =]

Oh yeah, and don't trust everyone in the scene, theres alot of dodgey dealers and people around ;)

Have fun!
And welcome back :D

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Good idea. Just if your

Good idea. Just if your grades get affected, good luck explaining that to people later on. All that about-to-happen stuff sounds exciting, I say do it all whiile you still can!
I feel old.
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