just watched a documentary on silverchair

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Damn, they were such an incredible band.
I'm not a huge fan of their latest album, but their 'Diorama' album was freakin' incredible.

I'm listening to Tuna in the Brine right now.
Just, wow.

Also, after not writing anything of any vaguely artistic value in quite a while, I wrote something, which doesn't make sense, but it does.
Its kind of based on feelings of mine, and its got alot of references to drugs and its hypocritical and contradictory but I guess that just reflects the way I live my life.

from one life to another,
distance grows between first kisses and last loves.
sleeping through the sundays,
waking in days that never dawned.
skies like sedatives,
sending us to a world of dreams that didn't end when we awoke

and through the smoke turned haze and passing days
reality's too far away
and when the drugs wear off and feeling sets in
morality will drive us back to the world where all we needed was each other
where street signs direct us in circles, but we keep moving
'cause anything’s better than standing still

and its when the black of your eyes takes over the blue
that used to stare back at me
its then, i wonder what happened to you, the girl i knew
cause empty stares can't get us there, they never did and never will
and reading looks and words unsaid has never been a skill of mine
but we're fine, not sober
so when the world returns we'll talk again
and when we're born we'll grow old together like we planned
and we can watch grains of sand pass through the hourglass of our hearts
because these, were the days of our lives
and its not that we died
its just, we were never alive.


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i love them

ever since hearing suicidal dreams on radio as an impressionable teenager

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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This seems like a pretty

This seems like a pretty pure piece of writing. I have no specifics, but it seems like you based it accurately off of what you actually wanted to say. And it's sometimes hard to acheive, you a congratulations for doing it poetically.