Lesbian Gangs Threaten Democracy

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Bill O Reilly (or as one of my favorite gay-friendly talk show hosts calls him "Bill O Lie-ly) has stooped even lower.
First of all, I can't believe this story in the first place. It just seems so fake.
Secondly, even if the story is true what the heck is he doing!!??! He is blowing this WAY out of proportion.
that footage of fighting lesbians.... they are SO not real lesbians!



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that's crazy

Reasons it might not be true:
1. The crime analyst works for Fox News.
2. They emphasize the "recruitment" idea, which is an old-fashioned fear...that is still there today, I see.
3. No one has pink guns.
I'm not outraged though, it's just what some people want to hear.
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i stood speechless
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That footage is amazing. Gotta love it.


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It just shows how stupid

It just shows how stupid people are and that they're little crazy minds create stupid fallacies.

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I just heard more gossip

Turns out the video featured with all the posh girls was footage of women fighting over a man (yeah, that's some real lesbian violence there) AND the footage with the lesbians beating up the guy was more complicated than the video made it look. The guy had just been heckling the lesbians telling them, among other things, that he would "fuck them straight".
THAT's what provoked the violence. It had very little to do with lesbian gang activity.

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