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So.... i don't know the last time i wrote here. It's not like i haven't been on checking on everyone but i've just been lurking behind the scenes.
My city's pride was this week. On saturday i went to the entertainment- A Drag Queen named Miss Conception was the M.C and was absolutely AMAZING! I loved her. She sang Annie, and chicago and random other stuff. The girl band Girl Parts was there. The one singer/guitarist Mel is really hott. They had a couple other bands- i can't remember any of the other names but the one band was pretty good too. At 10:30 two of my friends had to leave. At 11 we went to Micky D's (my sis, myself and 4 of her friends) then to a park the is like a nature trail and walked in the forest for an hour or so. I also fell at one point after we were outta the forest and bruised myself up.
On sunday i went set p my mom's work's booth with my mom and sat at it listening to the church service-- completely boring. Then went and watched the Parade. Went back wondered around got a pride bracelet and other free buttons and such.
After that i went to the Shock game where we won. But as i was getting autographs the one player signed and then under her name she wrote Jer 29:11 - a bible verse so when i got home i IMed my friend found out what it says--- "For i know the plans i have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future."
If anyone has any opinions on what it means let me know. Also i want to know if i should say something back and if i do what should i say or should i write her something. 2 of my friends said find a bible vers write it at a top of a note and hand it to her.... but i need a verse first... if anyone wants to help that'd be great.
I at least want her to know i got it.
Tonight i saw HAIRSPRAY! with my mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I knew i should have seen the musical when it was touring but my dad wouldn't get me tickets but oh well next time.
The movie was amazing i loved it-- especially the music.

At pride there was a greyhound booth set up and god i didn't know that greyhound racing was soo bad-- i read the pamphlet and almost cried. It's really sad. I'm now trying to convince my dad and Barb to get a greyhound once they move in together with the kids.
You should all check out www.resuedgreyhounds.com especially the documents part in END RACING section.

I'm still having a hard time with my dad having barb and her kids move in but i've known it was comming for over a year now but it's stil hard to actually face the reality of it.

At my mom's work booth at pride the one lady Kim who works with my mom was talking to me-- my mom was picking up my sis and her friend. Kim was telling me how awesome my mom was and that i'm lucky to have such an accepting mom and such and that my mom should start a PFLAG in the area since we really don't have one that has meetings or anything. So now i'm trying to work on my mom starting one up . When school starts i also plan on getting my mom's work (Children's Aid) to start a GSA at teh school they started the first one in the area at another school as sort of a test school so i'm gunna see what i can do to get one started at my school.

I've been watching Veronica Mars non-stop lately. My mom's friend loaned us the first two seasons so i've been watching them whenever i'm not babysitting.
I'm off all this week which really makes me happy because my mom is also off so the two of us are going to do stuff together-- shop, build stuff, clean etc.

On the way home from hairspray i randomly started to talk to my mom and at first i felt uncomfortable like always but then i just kept on talking and it got a little better and whenever i was about to end it i just continued. I think it's a step in the right direction for my relationship with my mom. Although we do lots of stuff together i don't feel like i can talk to her even though i can... i just get REALLY REAALLY REALLY uncomfortable talking to her and i 'm not sure why. I know most teens don't like talking to their parents but this is beyond that.. but i'm working on it.
I'll post more later ciao.


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Proverbs 10:12

"Love covereth all sins."

My interpretation on Jer 29:11 is that god has plans for all of us: he made us to be what we are, everyone deserves a future and hope, as they are, and god plans for you to have that future as you are.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.