Music with a Twist - Revolutions: CD Review

by peanut_gallery

I am a firm believer in albums -- I believe that they have their own sound that comes from all the songs they have on them put together. Revolutions is all 90's. It is absolutely a throwback to my youth. We all know what 90's music sounds likes, even if we can't describe it- an awkward mix between hair bands of the eighties and the later evolution of boy bands in the new millennium.

In the interest of holding someone's attention, I'll only review the tracks that particularly stood out to me. The first track, Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip, made me jump when I first heard it. I was completely blown away. It makes you want to dance, and the lyrics are a powerful imperative to stand up and have a revolution. According to Wikipedia, it was written by the lead singer as a response to the United States government's decision to deny gay people the right to marriage.

The second song, Come Over Here, is a slow, moody song that, I believe, is asking all GLBT folk to come out, once and for all.

Something tells you you should go
Deep down you have always known
Something sweet is on the other side

Momma's gonna cry for you
Papa might disown you
You are getting ready for the right

I like this song for it's meaning and lyrics, I'll admit. The muted, techno-influenced beat is simply background noise under Sarah Bettens' voice. Good song.

The Lie is a poppy, cheerful song. It features Dylan Rice over a drum beat and tambourine, along with some sort of electronic noises I honestly can't identify. This is probably my favorite song on this entire CD.

Finally, I Should Go is a sad, piano-driven song reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright. It's a pronoun-ambiguous breakup song- Levi Kreis calls his lover 'baby'. His voice is outstanding, and I believe that he's the best musician on this CD.

Overall, this CD wasn't my favorite although I appreciated the diversity. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of rap or R&B and this CD seems to be full of it. If you like that sort of music I'd absolutely recommend it.


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Dylan Rice

My friend, openly gay singer/songwriter Dylan Rice, has a track on this new compilation. And, if you haven't already, you should definitely check out his CD, "Wandering Eyes."

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