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I finally got my myspace set up. I've been trying for a month or so and it said I didn't have a valid email address and then Chloe looked me up and I have had one since January and totally forgot about it. Go figure. I move in with my mom in like two weeks so tonight is an un supervised visit and my first overnight with no medical and/or absence reason. Me and Chloe keep fighting because she's cheating on me. Look I know this sounds like bullshit, but it makes me happy because she needs someone there to hold her and care for her and that's something that i can't do for another year or so. I guess I have been alright with it anyway. Until today when she told her she loved her. And thes she told me that she doesn't really love her and that I'm the only girl for her, but I mean come on she woulda said that to the other girl if she didn't want her to break up with her. But even if she cheated on me with my cousin or my best friend, I still couldn't end it with her. I love her too much to lose her at any point in my life. I'm only 13, but I feel like I have the life of a 17 year old.


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"I'm only 13, but I feel

"I'm only 13, but I feel like I have the life of a 17 year old."

Yeah, well it sounds like you pretty much do. The drama doesn't really lessen in high school (unless of course you happen to surround yourself with the perfect group of friends and refuse to branch out or something). Hopefully you can straighten this out with her. My take is that cheating is never okay, and distance doesn't justify it. If she really cared about you like you seem to care about her, she would agree to hold off.

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Today she broke up with

Today she broke up with Sarah. Yay!!! But then I yelled at her and she broke up with me and called back an hour later.