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I've always been interested to find out if there is any connection with sexual orientation and being left handed or right handed. I suppose it stems from the fact that of the three openly gay members of my family 2 are left handed and 1 is ambidextrous. A fourth member of my family is left handed and het. It seems to me that it could just be that left handedness runs in my particular family, but there are a couple other people that I know whom identify as gay and are also left handed. There is also the issue of right brained/left brained and that having an effect on which hand dominates. So, take the poll if you like, I'll appreciate it.


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I'm gay and

I'm gay and right-handed.

Interesting look you've taken, haha.

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I'm gay and right handed. No

I'm gay and right handed.
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Gay rightie...

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Gay and ambidextrous -not

Gay and ambidextrous -not because I can do anything with any hand, but because none of my hands does something-

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Right handed and gay.

Right handed and gay.

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naturally right-handed, self

naturally right-handed, self taught ambidextrous (still working out some kinks in that) and gay :]

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i've heard that the creative

i've heard that the creative side of ur brain has something to do with which hand u use. i'm a creative leftie, and so are my drama teachers, my art teacher at school, many of my fellow drama students and many of my former art classmates. and then u get the creative gays lol :-)