Poprocks after work

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Another weekend of work. For some reason, I go into it dreading out, yet I enjoy work once I'm there. I like being people friendly, getting them drinks, cleaning off tables, and filling the jam-packet holders. Unforutantely, one of the reasons I was excited to work there [fellow lesbian] got fired. But at least I still have S to work with, and the pregnant woman isn't working this weekend, thank God. The two nice ones and the crazy one who's nice regardless is!

But anyway, who cares about work... I hung out with C after work! She's been in lockdown with homework lately, as I've mentioned, but gets breaks here and there--rarely-- and today she had a couple hours before a case study with some small child. [Child development college course]. So we hung out, made out, watched Kathy Griffin [who, by the way, is the new love of my life... but not in an Emily Haines way] and Chelsea Handler via youtube.com and made out with poprocks.

I've wanted to try that for a while now, but it wasn't as adventurous as I'd thought. It's just like swapping spit, with some crackling noises and a slightly sweet taste. Plus, the image of poprocks swimming in saliva when C and I opened our mouths wasn't exactly a "take me now, sailor" kind of initiation. It was more like, "please clear the area before I proceed." But now I've satisfied the long-time strange wish, and will move on to gum swapping, which I can't imagine being any more exciting [and I've heard it's not, but what the hell].

I love being with C. And she tells me she loves being with me. We're so at ease and chill. We're best friends with a little extra, and I'm in that relationship I've wanted to be in. It's hard to explain, so I won't til I can. But to start, it's one where we can be apart and still be close. You know? We have this understanding of eachother, and no insecurities, and our relationship is so relaxed. There's more to it, I think, but a description lacks. It's wonderful, though.

And her telling her mom has changed nothing thus far. Why am I have such good luck in my gay life? It started with coming out, and just keeps progressing. God bless, I suppose.


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What are poprocks? It

What are poprocks? It sounds fun, though. Gum swapping is...interesting. Don't try it if you're both chewing different flavours. Actually, just avoid two wads of gum in general; it gets tricky. But have fun!

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Oh, you know Pop Rocks! The

Oh, you know Pop Rocks! The candy that when you put the little sugar bits in your mouth my pop and crackle! They're neat!

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Woooah, pop rocks! Sounds

Woooah, pop rocks! Sounds freaky-deaky-hardcore! xD but that actually sounds sorta fun. Although after a bit, I can see how it'd get sorta annoying.... but that's really awesome and happy and cute! Yay for you guys ^^

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I am sorry Poprock kissing

I am sorry Poprock kissing wasn't that great, but I bet you and C enjoyed kissing nevertheless. You have such an amazing good luck (first C, her mom...) that I am starting to think it's not only luck: you are doing things so well that amazing things just have to happen. Now, a stupid question, not at all related to the comment: what on earth is a jam-packet holder?

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Oh yes, we always enjoy

Oh yes, we always enjoy kissing. Haha, I wish I could say I'm doing things right, so I know how to replicate. But these things are happening on their own! Fate, you gotta love it. And luck, when it's in your favor.

Haha, actually, good question. I don't know it' technical name. Wait, yes I do! A caddy. You know the little square packets of jam at restaurants? The plastic ones with the top you pull off? Well the caddies hold a bunch of those in an oderly fashion. Hence the name jam-packet holders. Reduced to jam caddies, hah. Answer?

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Just keep on doing what you

Just keep on doing what you are doing, and luck will stay on your side...

A caddy! hahahaha, I was so damn confused picturing what a jam-packet holder could be! it was just a caddy, thanks you just saved myself of a lot of picturing.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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I'm not sure if this is

I'm not sure if this is because of the kissing itself or the person I did it with, but in my experience, gum-swapping is pretty much the second worst thing ever. The worst thing being when the girl is wearing lipgloss. *gag*

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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I've heard nothing but bad

I've heard nothing but bad about the experience so far, hah. Perhaps I'll pass on the whole thing.

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I've swapped gum before,

I've swapped gum before, It's fun trying to get it back from my girl. Especially when she won't give it back to me. It's kind of a turn on, playing hard to get and what not.

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gum swapping is kind of cute

gum swapping is kind of cute in theory and movies, but in reality.. gross. lol movies make all sorts of gross stuff cute.