Power of Two

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Is one of my favorite songs by the Indigo Girls. I learned about them for hte first time from my girlfriend, and totally love them.

anyway, the chorus is like this:

"So we're okay, we're fine
Baby I'm here to stop your crying
Chase all the ghosts from you head,
I'm stronger than the monster beneath your bed.
Smarter than the tricks played on your heart,
We'll look at it together, then we'll take it apart.
Adding up the total of a love that's true,
Multiply life by the power of two."

I cry every time I hear that, or think about it. I'd give anything to sing it to her right now... I never thought I could be this in lve with somone...or that she could love me back.


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And it's such a pretty song.

And it's such a pretty song. I'm gonna have it stuck in my head now... I don't really mind.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.